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Opposites Attract: English and Strong set to perform at Hamilton College

By Matt Rogers

Some argue the best way to ensure success, whether it is in music, sports, or writing, is to start training at a young age. Get those future prodigies started early, and it will best prepare them for the future.Others assert it’s best to let children grow up away from formal training, allowing them a chance to figure out on their own whether they want to pursue a particular field.

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Get to know Utica: Ocean Blue

Michael Muon

Staff Writer

Ocean Blue Restaurant and Oyster Bar is a spectacular fine dining rooftop restaurant located in Downtown Utica. Utica has been mostly a dead zone in recent decades; it was not until a recent rebranding effort that brought in more businesses to the downtown area that the city started to experience a sort of rebirth. Ocean Blue is already proving to be widely popular and is a great addition to the downtown area.

Ocean Blue is a highly recommended restaurant, and all students should head over to the restaurant at least once during their four yearsatUticaCollege.Ithasa great atmosphere and dining experience. The rooftop setting makes it feel as if you are not in Utica anymore. To many locals around here who have dined at Ocean Blue, they definitely know this feeling.

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Play Review: Tried by Twelve or Carried by Six

Bria Hilliard

Asst. Features Editor

Written by students in the theater 300 class, Tried by Twelve or Carried by Six, attempts to tell the stories of police brutality. The play was impactful in the sense that real-life issues were being brought to the stage for the entire campus to witness and discuss. There was a wide range of characters in the play such as police officers, innocentbystanders,innocent victims and the occasional not-so innocent victim. While the play addresses recent cases of police brutality in the Unites States, it also brought to light the everyday race involved situations that people experience. Tried by Twelve or Carried by Six took the actual stories of police officers as well as African American men and women, and told them in a way that was either a hit or miss with the audience.

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International Students Day

Omar Renta

Staff Writer

America’s reputation as the melting pot of the world was apparent at International Students day in the Strebel Student Center Tuesday.

A display of 45 flags from countries around the world was displayed in the lounge at Strebel Student Center. From Finland to Bangladesh, these flags represent our international student body and the strides UC has made toward achieving cultural diversity on campus.

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The  Ambassador

By Bria Hilliard

“I think people want to be moved, transported, and communicated with on a very meaningful level as great music can,” said Jeffrey Siegel. “I am an ambassador, if you will for great music and being able to provide the listeners with this very special experience with great music in a listening, enriching, and a musically accessible way.”

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Preparation is key in tackling Black Friday

Amanda Fanelli

Staff Writer

The Christmas season is right around the corner, and everyone is looking for the best deals out there. Black Friday is notoriously known for the deepest discounts to kick-off the holiday shopping season. Researching the products you want to buy is key to making sure you don’t miss out on special deals.

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Students seek motivation over Thanksgiving break

Morgan Manfredo

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is supposed to be a ‘break’ for a reason, but most students are stuck doing end of the semester projects and studying for their finals. The pressure and stress that develops toward the back end of the semester starts to boil once Thanksgiving break rolls around; that is when students start to do anything and everything they can to get their grades up.

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Students for Sober Driving seeks to educate UC

Kimberly Haller

Staff Writer

The Utica College women’s soccer team is looking for a better way to encourage students to not drink and get behind the wheel. It is every parent’s worst fear knowing that something has happened to their child, all because of an occasion where a student doesn’t think it can happen to them.

A majority of our campus knows of the devastating accident that happened last semester when UC soccer player Amanda Pawlikowski and her boyfriend were driving home from Syracuse; she and her boyfriend were hit head- on by an intoxicated driver. Her boyfriend, Kane Buss, did not make it.

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