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Seniors Prepare for Graduation

Amanda Fanelli, Assistant Features Editor 

As the semester is quickly coming to an end, seniors take time to reflect on their time at Utica College before graduation. Making last minute adjustments to their resume, applying for graduate school and preparing themselves for life after college are just a few things on their mind right now.

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Students reveal postgraduation fears

Omar Renta

Staff Writer

Seniors all over the country are facing the reality that the days of being a young college student are numbered.

For many seniors at Utica College, post-grad life is an unknown world that the professors and faculty have prepared them to venture into. The uncertainty of postgrad life is the premise of many students’ nightmares.

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Career Services to host networking nights

Bria Hilliard

Asst. Features Editor

Connections can be the jumpstart any college student may need after walking across the graduation stage.

College students often hear how important it is to keep in touch with alumni or other important people they meet because of the benefits those relationships can have. Landing that dream job can become a lot easier when they have someone in the field to provide guidance. That is what networking is about, making those connections to get connected.

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