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Welcome to the Star Wars Quiz! This engaging interactive experience will test your knowledge about the enigmatic First Order. Do you think you truly understand its origins, leaders, and might? Uncover the mysteries of this powerful galactic organization and prove your mastery on Star Wars lore. May the Force be with you!

Who is the supreme leader of the First Order?
Emperor Palpatine
Darth Vader
Kylo Ren
What is the First Order's superweapon?
Which organization directly preceded the First Order?
Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
Trade Federation
Who was the First Order's main antagonist?
Luke Skywalker
Count Dooku
Anakin Skywalker
What is the main starfighter used by the First Order?
TIE Fighter
Millennium Falcon
Which droid did the First Order relentlessly pursue?

Who Are the First Order?

The First Order, a dictatorial regime, rose from the ashes of the Galactic Empire after its defeat in the original Star Wars trilogy. This entity seeks to control the galaxy by implementing a reign of terror, fueled by their weaponized army, and a slate of superweapons that put the Death Star to shame.

Key Figures of the First Order

  • : The enigmatic figure at the helm, Snoke controls the First Order and is the master of Kylo Ren.
  • Kylo Ren: Known as Ben Solo before turning to the dark side, he is Snoke's apprentice and the leader of the Knights of Ren.
  • General Hux: A ruthless commander who oversees the military operations of the First Order.
  • Captain Phasma: The leader of the stormtrooper legions, she is infamous for her distinctive silver armor.

First Order's Terrifying Arsenal

The First Order's military prowess is strengthened by its terrifying . The Starkiller Base, a planet converted into a superweapon, is capable of annihilating entire star systems, making the Death Star pale in comparison.

Resistance Against the First Order

The Resistance, led by General Leia Organa, is the primary opposition against the First Order. They carry forward the legacy of the Rebellion from the original trilogy, fighting to free the galaxy from the clutches of the oppressive regime.

How Well Do You Know the First Order?

Now that we've rehashed the main elements of the First Order, it's time to test your knowledge. Do you know the ins and outs of this notorious organization? Can you distinguish between General Hux and Captain Phasma, or recall the destructive power of the Starkiller Base? Dive into our Star Wars Quiz and find out!

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