Quiz: Can YOU identify these ICONIC songs from “Monsters University”?!

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Welcome to the exciting song identification quiz! This game tests your knowledge of the iconic music from this beloved movie. Do you remember these unforgettable tunes? Let's find out how well you recall these catchy soundtracks. Good luck and let the quiz begin!

Which song is played during the Scare Games' final round in Monsters University?
The Doors –
– Roar
Randy Newman – Monsters University
Which song plays when Mike and Sulley first arrive at the University?
Randy Newman – Monsters University
The Doors – People Are Strange
Randy Newman – Main Title
What song plays during the initiation night of the Oozma Kappa fraternity?
Randy Newman – Party Hard
Randy Newman – Roar
Randy Newman – Oozma Kappa
The Doors – People Are Strange
What song plays during Mike's first day in the scare classroom?
Randy Newman – New Beginnings
Randy Newman – Monsters University
Randy Newman – Roar
What song plays in the background when Sulley is trying to scare adults in the real world?
Randy Newman – Roar
Randy Newman – Enter the Heroes
The Doors – People Are Strange
What song ends the movie as Mike and Sulley start working at ?
Randy Newman – Monsters, Inc.
Randy Newman – New Beginnings
The Doors – People Are Strange

Recognizing Iconic Songs from Monsters University

From its captivating plot to its endearing characters, 's Monsters University is a film that has left an indelible mark on audiences of all ages. One of the most memorable aspects of this animated masterpiece is undoubtedly its musical score. The soundtrack, composed by Randy Newman, brilliantly complements the visual narrative and helps to further immerse the viewer in the world of Mike, Sulley, and their diverse group of classmates. How well do you remember the iconic songs from this beloved film?

Key Songs to Remember

  • ‘Main Title' – The opening number sets the tone for the entire film, introducing us to the world of Monsters University with a light and optimistic melody.
  • ‘Roar' – This upbeat track represents the competitive spirit of the Scare Games, and serves as the film's unofficial anthem.
  • ‘Monsters University' – The film's title track encapsulates the entire narrative journey, from Mike and Sulley's initial rivalry to their eventual friendship.
  • ‘Scare Pig' – A fun, fast-paced song that plays during one of the film's most comedic scenes.
  • ‘Goodbyes' – This poignant track plays during the film's emotional climax, tugging at heartstrings as the characters say their farewells.

Each song from Monsters University brings to life the characters, settings, and emotions depicted in the film. By identifying these key tracks, you not only test your memory of the film, but also your appreciation for the art of film scoring. So, are you ready to take the quiz and see how many of these iconic songs you can recognize?

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