Dragon Ball Quiz: Unleash your Super Saiyan knowledge and conquer the Android saga!

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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge about the captivating Android Saga. Are you ready to put your familiarity with Goku, Androids, and the epic battles they faced to the test? Prove how much you know about this pivotal arc in the Dragon Ball series. Good luck, Dragon Ball fans!

Who were the main creators of the androids?
Dr. Briefs
Dr. Gero
What did Android 16 desire most?
Who first defeated Android 19?
Who among the androids was originally a human?
Android 16
Android 19
Android 15
What is Android 17's real name?
Which android has a bomb inside them?
Android 18
Android 16
Android 17
Android 19

Understanding the Android Saga

The Dragon Ball Z Android Saga is one of the most memorable arcs in the entire franchise. It is known for its unique plot, intense battles, and the introduction of fan-favorite characters.

The Androids

  • Androids 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 (Dr. Gero) are introduced. Each displays unique abilities and characteristics, adding diverse elements to the storyline.
  • Android 17 and 18 were originally humans, modified by Dr. Gero to serve his evil purposes.
  • Android 16, on the other hand, is completely mechanical, created in the image of Dr. Gero's deceased son.

The Plot

  • The saga begins with the arrival of a time-travelling Trunks, warning Goku and his friends about the Androids.
  • Despite the odds stacked against them, the Z fighters engage in several battles with the Androids, testing their limits.
  • The saga concludes with the emergence of Cell, an even greater threat, created by Dr. Gero's supercomputer using cells from the most powerful fighters.

Significant Fights

  • Vegeta's transformation into a Super Saiyan during his fight with Android 19 is one of the saga's high points.
  • The relentless battle between Piccolo and Android 17 is regarded as one of the best in all of Dragon Ball Z.
  • The saga also features one of Goku's most memorable fights, where he first revealed his Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

The Impact

The Android Saga left a lasting impact on fans. The saga showed not only the growth of characters but also the evolving power dynamics in the Dragon Ball Universe. It laid the groundwork for the subsequent Cell Saga, setting the stage for even more thrilling battles and storylines.

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