Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover your hidden knowledge of the captivating tale of Puar!

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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Quiz! This interactive challenge tests your knowledge on the lovable character, Puar. Are you familiar with his origins, adventures, and significant moments in the epic Dragon Ball series? Let's delve deep into the world of Puar and see how well you truly know this unforgettable character.

What is the original color of Puar in Dragon Ball series?
What is Puar's gender in the Dragon Ball series?
What unique ability does Puar have in the Dragon Ball series?
Time Travel
Who is Puar's best friend in the Dragon Ball series?
Where does Puar first meet Goku in the Dragon Ball series?
Desert Bandit Camp
Kame House
Capsule Corporation
Mount Paozu
What is Puar's main role in the Dragon Ball series?
Yamcha's sidekick
Main Hero

About Puar: Your Furry Companion in Dragon Ball

Puar is one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball series, admired by fans for his loyalty, bravery, and unique shape-shifting abilities. Brought to life by the creative genius of Akira Toriyama, Puar's story is filled with layers of interesting facts and fascinating events that contribute to the grand narrative of the Dragon Ball universe.

A Brief Background of Puar

Puar is a constant companion of Yamcha and together, they go on numerous adventures throughout the series. Their friendship started when they were training together at the same martial arts school. Puar appears as a small, floating, blue cat-like creature, but his form can change due to his ability to shape-shift, a talent he learned at the Southern Transformation Kindergarten.

  • Puar can transform into anything, number of times, regardless of size or complexity.
  • Puar's gender is often a topic of discussion. In the original Japanese version, Puar refers to himself as a male, but his gender is not explicitly mentioned in the English translation.
  • Puar's name is a play on the word ‘Pu-erh,' a type of Chinese tea, which falls in line with Toriyama's habit of food-themed names.

Puar's Roles in the Story

Puar plays an essential role in many story arcs in the Dragon Ball series. He is often involved in rescuing other characters and has used his shape-shifting abilities to help his friends on multiple occasions. For example, in the Emperor Saga, Puar transformed into a hand glider to save Goku and others from being trapped inside Pilaf's castle.

  • Puar also played a crucial role in the Saga, where he transformed into a pair of scissors to cut off Great Ape Goku's tail, thereby saving everyone from a potential disaster.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, although Puar's appearances become less frequent, he is still there by Yamcha's side, providing moral support and companionship.

Despite not being a frontline fighter, Puar's resourcefulness and loyalty make him a cherished character in the Dragon Ball series. How well you know Puar's story may reflect your understanding of the depth and intricacies of the Dragon Ball universe.

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