Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Knowledge on the Diverse Talking Animals in Dragon Ball!

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Welcome to our Quiz! This unique challenge invites you to test your knowledge on the various talking animals of the Dragon Ball universe. From Puar to Oolong, these intriguing characters have made the series unforgettable. Are you ready to dive into this fascinating, fun-filled world? Let's see how much you truly know!

Which animal does have as a pet?
A turtle
A dog
A cat
A monkey
What is the name of Emperor 's canine minion?
What type of animal is King Furry?
A human
A dog
A cat
A dog-like beast
What animal does the character Oolong transform into?
A fish
A pig
A bird
A cow
Who is the talking dog that works for the Red Ribbon Army?
General Blue
Colonel Violet
Commander Red
Major Metallitron

Unveiling the Myriad of Talking Animals in Dragon Ball

Diverse and fascinating, the Dragon Ball universe teems with an assortment of talking animals that add charm and flavor to the series. From the lovable Puar to the sagacious Korin, these anthropomorphic creatures are unique in their appearances, personalities, and roles.

Noteworthy Characters

  • Puar: Puar is a shape-shifting creature that accompanies Yamcha throughout his adventures. Despite his timid nature, Puar often offers helpful advice and support to his companions.
  • Korin: Living atop Korin Tower, this wise cat offers guidance and training to those who manage to reach him. Korin is known for his Senzu Beans that can heal all wounds and restore energy.
  • Oolong: A pig who also possesses the power of metamorphosis, Oolong is known for his comical personality. His impulsive desires often lead to humorous situations.
  • King Furry: As the king of Earth, King Furry rules with compassion and wisdom. Despite his high status, he is humble and cares deeply for his subjects.

Interesting Facts

While the Dragon Ball series is filled with powerful Super Saiyans and fearsome villains, the talking animals often serve as or as wise mentors, adding depth and richness to the storyline. Without them, the Dragon Ball universe would certainly lose some of its charm. These animals can not only talk and have human-like intelligence, but they also participate in the society, have occupations, and some even possess abilities.


The talking animals of Dragon Ball showcase the series' whimsicality and creativity. They serve crucial roles in character development, plot progression, and even as a source of humor. So, the next time you tune into Dragon Ball, pay close attention to these wonderful creatures. They're much more than mere pets or animals; they're companions, mentors, and integral parts of this fantastical universe.

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