Disney Quiz: Can YOU Recognize These Scenes from “Gigantic”? Prepare to be Amazed!

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Welcome to our Disney Quiz! This unique challenge tests your memory and observation skills from the movie Gigantic. Can you recall the intricate scenes and thrilling moments from this beloved film? It's time to put your Disney knowledge and love for Gigantic to the test. Good luck!

Who is the giant that Jack befriends in Gigantic?
Which city is the setting of Gigantic?
What is the profession of Jack in Gigantic?
A golden goose
A giant's castle
A world of giants
A treasure chest
What is the main challenge that Jack faces in Gigantic?
Keeping Inma a secret
Finding a treasure
Defeating a dragon
Escaping from a tower
What is the theme of the movie Gigantic?
The power of friendship
Space exploration

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Disney's Gigantic

Gigantic, as many fans will know, is a highly-anticipated Disney feature that unfortunately never saw the light of day. However, let's delve into what we knew about this cancelled project for the purpose of our nostalgic quiz.

The Film's Concept

Initially announced in 2015 during the D23 Expo, Gigantic was to be Disney's unique spin on the classic tale . The film aimed to be another feather in Disney's illustrious cap of creatively reimagined fairy tales, following in the footsteps of Tangled and Frozen.

  • The story was supposed to be set in Spain during the Age of Exploration, an era teeming with discovery and adventure.
  • The lead protagonist, Jack, was expected to befriend a young giantess named Inma.
  • Unlike the original tale, this reimagined story would have had Jack and Inma forming an unlikely friendship, with their bond growing stronger as they navigated through numerous trials and tribulations.

Production Process

Disney's Gigantic attracted big names in animation, such as (Tangled) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out). The production process, however, was fraught with challenges. The creative team struggled to crack the film's story, leading to multiple delays and eventually, to its cancellation in 2017.

A Legacy of ‘What could have been'

While we never got to witness the magic of Gigantic in theatres, the concept art, character designs, and music composed for the film continue to captivate Disney aficionados. This quiz serves as an appreciation of the work and creativity that went into the project. So, let's journey into the world of Gigantic and see how well you recognize these scenes from the cancelled Disney project!

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