7 Tips For Adding Music To iMovie on iPhone and iPad

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Making movies with your or is easier than ever with the help of powerful tools such as . But if you want to take your movie to the next level, you’re going to want to add music to iMovie. Not only does music add emotion to your movie, but it can also enhance the viewing experience. Here are seven tips for adding music to iMovie on your iPhone or iPad.

Creating Soundtracks for Your Movies

The key to creating a great soundtrack for your movie is to use music that complements your story. When selecting music, pay attention to the pacing and the mood of the song. A song with a driving beat will work better for a fast-paced action film than a slow, contemplative piece of music. And consider using different pieces of music for different parts of your movie. You may even want to create a theme song to use throughout the entire movie.

Enhancing the Viewing Experience with Music

Most people don’t realize that music can be used to enhance the viewing experience. When adding music to iMovie, you can use it to set the tone of your movie. For example, a suspenseful score can create tension and anticipation, while a more cheerful music selection can lighten the mood. Music is also a great way to transition between scenes and set the stage for the action to come.

Building Playlists for Your iMovie Clips

When you create a movie with iMovie, you can easily add music to any clip. You can even build playlists of music that plays throughout the entire movie. To build a playlist, simply select the clips you want to include in the playlist and drag them into the timeline. Then select the music you want to accompany the clips and drag it into the timeline as well. You can adjust the length of the music and the clip timing to make sure the music and the movie flow together seamlessly.

Finding the Perfect Songs to Complement Your Movie

Finding the right songs for your movie can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of music to choose from. Fortunately, there are a number of online services that can help you find the perfect tunes. For example, has a vast library of songs and soundtracks that you can use to enhance your movie. You can also use the audio feature on iMovie to add sound effects, such as car horns and sirens, to your movie.

Unlocking the Power of Music in iMovie

When you add music to iMovie, you can use the audio tools to adjust the volume and make subtle adjustments to the sound. You can also use the audio scrubber to slowly move through the music and find the exact point you need for a scene transition or a dramatic moment. By using the audio controls, you can make sure the music is always in perfect sync with the visuals.

Adding music to iMovie can take your movie from good to great. With these seven tips, you can unlock the power of music and take your movie-making to the next level. By choosing the right songs, adjusting the volume, and making small tweaks to the music, you can create an engaging soundtrack that perfectly complements your movie.


Making movies with iMovie is a great way to capture life’s special moments. With a few helpful tips, you can easily add music to make your movie come to life. Whether you’re creating a fast-paced action movie or a slow-moving story, the right music can help set the mood and create an engaging viewing experience.


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