8 Steps to Revive Your Water-Damaged Smartphone: Repair Your Phone Now!

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A water-damaged phone is a major inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, you may be able to fix it by following the right steps. Having a phone that’s been exposed to water can be a scary experience, and it’s natural to worry that it may be beyond repair. Fortunately, there are many ways to revive your phone and put it back in working order.

Fixing Water-Damaged Phones – Learn How

Generally, water damage occurs when your phone is exposed to or submerged in water. Common causes of water damage include dropping your phone in the sink, toilet, or bathtub; spilling a drink; or, in extreme cases, storm flooding.

If your phone is exposed to water, the best thing to do is to turn it off immediately and remove the battery, if possible. This prevents any further damage and will help you determine if it’s actually water-damaged or just a faulty battery.

Don’t Lose Your Phone – Repair it Now

If your phone is already damaged, all is not lost. There are several steps you can take to revive your phone from water damage.

Reviving Your Phone from Water Damage

First, disassemble your phone and remove as much water as possible. You can use a to remove any water that may have seeped into ports or crevices. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.

Next, take out the battery and , if it’s an older model. If it’s a newer model, you can leave them in.

Once you’ve removed as much water as possible, grab a few paper towels and press them against the back of your phone. This will help absorb more of the moisture that’s still inside.

Put Your Phone Back in Working Order

Now your phone is almost dry, it’s time to put it back together. Carefully assemble the pieces and make sure the phone is completely dry before you put the battery in.

Plug it in and let it charge for an hour or two. Make sure you don’t turn it on during this time, as it could cause more damage.

When you’re ready to turn it on, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. If it doesn’t turn on, you may need to replace the battery.

Follow these Steps to Save Your Phone

Water-damaged phones are not the end of the world, although it might feel that way at first. With the right steps, you can have your phone up and running in no time.

First, turn off your device and remove the battery. Disassemble the phone and remove any water you can see. Use a cotton swab to reach any crevices or ports. If you’re able to, remove the battery and SIM card. Press paper towels against the back of your phone to absorb the moisture. Reassemble your phone and let it charge. Finally, turn it on and see if it works.

With a bit of luck, following these steps will save your phone and help you get back to your life without further interruption. Water-damaged phones can be tricky to repair, but it’s absolutely possible. Don’t lose hope; you don’t have to buy a new phone just yet.


Smartphones can be expensive, so it’s important to try to salvage them when they become water damaged. Following a few simple steps can help you revive your phone from water damage. Start by turning it off, removing the battery, and disassembling the phone. Next, remove excess water with a cotton swab and press paper towels against the back of the phone. Reassemble the phone and let it charge, then turn it on and see if it works. With a little luck and lots of patience, you may be able to fix your water-damaged phone and get it back up and running.


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