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Sometimes we like to give our two cents.

Op-Ed: Global Village program has potential that is currently being ignored

Nick McAdam, Editor-in-Chief Tower Hall at Utica College stands apart from other residence halls on campus due to its developed living features such as air-conditioned rooms, kitchens, lounges, clustered living and physical accessibility including elevators and activation switches attached...

Op-Ed: Your vote matters

Rebekah Hedeen, Assistant Features Editor Using your voice is powerful and it allows officials to cater to what the people need. This year, the presidential election will be held on Nov. 3 with the estimated voter turnout to be...

Op-Ed: Los Angeles Lakers championship win stems from players’ hearts and motivations

Robert Stevens, General Assignments Reporter Basketball immortality for the 2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers. “Laker Nation” can once again celebrate with utter joy after winning its 17th National Basketball Association Championship against the Miami Heat, 106-93, tying them with the...

Op-Ed: Colin Kaepernick, the national anthem and protests

Matthew Breault, Assistant Sports Editor When NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem at a preseason NFL game on Sept. 1, 2016, it shocked the world. It left many sports fans angry, including myself, because...

Op-Ed: How big is the carbon footprint that you are leaving behind?

Rebekah Hedeen, Assistant Features Editor The Earth’s CO2 time clock is ticking, and it may be nearing the end of a reversible outcome at a faster rate than we think.  Carbon emissions from heavy industrial use...

Op-Ed: Legalized Gambling is a New Virus Within Sports

Jama Joseph, Contributing Writer The return of sports has normalized daily life during a time of uncertainty. While things have not completely gone back to normal, corners of life have adapted to a new quarantine lifestyle. 

(Op-Ed) From a Different Perspective – The American Life

Hannah Steyn, Contributing Writer When you move to a new country, you expect change. If you’re doing it willingly, you’re probably seeking change. Either way, you’re prepared for things to be completely different from your norm.