Gallery: Utica College faculty, staff and student employees receive COVID-19 vaccine


Photo from Alexandria Leland.

Alexandria Leland, Photographer

Walgreens Pharmacy administered the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Utica College to 240 student employees, faculty and staff on March 11 in the Strebel Student Lounge. Around this time last year, Utica College shut down all on-campus activity due to the outbreak of the virus across the country. One year later marks a historic moment for Utica College and the continual fight against the global pandemic.

Members of the college community were required to bring paperwork to the vaccination site, including pre-existing medical conditions, insurance coverage and more.
Three tables were set up to administer the vaccine.
A stack of the required paperwork for recipients to fill out.
Johnson and Johnson plan to have 20 million people fully vaccinated by the end of March.