Major Profile: English

Briana Greco, Staff Writer 

Although many students have already chosen a major, there are still some who are scanning their options. The English major here at Utica College has a lot to offer students and differs greatly from other areas of study in a variety of ways.

The English Department Chair, Dr. Jason Denman, says there are a few traditional careers that English majors pursue, including teaching.

“But you can also do anything with it!,” he said.

Dr. Denman also noted that alumni of UC’s English program have gone on to own bookstores, work for their local newspapers and even purse the law aspect of English by becoming judges and lawyers.

The English major is a small group of about 40 students who share common interests dealing with things such as language, creative writing or the historical side of English. Dr. Denman stated that one of his favorite parts about the English major is the student community.

Students should keep an open mind regarding the English major, keeping in mind that it isn’t all about essays and Shakespeare (even though that is part of it). The English department is also involved in numerous exciting events and projects both on and off campus. Professor of English, Gary Leising, is heavily involved with the department’s abroad trip to London that many students are taking part in over spring break. The trip is not limited to just English students, although while in London students will be visiting museums and historical sites that relate to literature and areas of English. The Tower of London, Keats House, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre are all planned visits for the trip’s agenda. Not only do students get to experience 10 days in a foreign country, but they get class credit for it too. Students receive three credits towards their degree and the trip is classified as ENG 185. UC alumni Kate Bronk went on the trip in past years and because of her experience now works in International Affairs and is the Study Abroad Coordinator at SUNY Oneonta. The trip is not only a fulfilling experience, but also very beneficial for people who want to explore new things. Studying abroad in London is just one of the many exciting projects the English major is involved with.

UC’s English program offers many different areas of study. Students can major in English while minoring in literature, history, creative writing or the English language.

Freshman Alexandra Aceto, who is undeclared, said, “I really haven’t made up my mind yet, but I love to write. The more I look into the English program the more I lean towards making it my major,”.

Overall, the English department has a lot to offer students interested in pursuing a variety of careers. Be sure to check out the major along with the exciting activities that it puts on over the course of the semester.