Sports shutdown due to coronavirus


Alyssa McKenna, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world. From healthcare systems to entire economies, sports are no different. As many businesses are shutting down for precautionary reasons, the same goes for professional sport leagues as well as all school and collegiate level sports. 

Rudy Gobert, the NBA center on the Utah Jazz, tested positive for COVID-19. The league was ultimately postponed on March 11 to be re-evaluated 30 days later whether or not the league will continue. The tentative start date to finish the season is April 15 with a plan to still finish the season and have the NBA playoffs as scheduled.  

Many other professional sports leagues decided to follow this precautionary measure, suspending all league practices as well as postponing their season start, or season finish. The NHL followed this measure and will pause their season. The NHL has 189 games remaining, with a resume date still up in the air. The league’s team meetings, practices, games and the Stanley Cup have been put on pause. 

Senior Randy Malek said that he no longer has anything to look forward to. 

“I used to look forward to getting out of class and having games, specifically hockey to watch,” Malek said. “Now, I no longer have the excitement of looking forward to watching the games and the guessing game of who wins, now it is a guessing game of when the season will start back up again.” 

Major League Baseball joined with three other professional sports leagues Monday, announcing a temporary protocol for media in response to the increasing number of coronavirus cases around the world.

 Their season was supposed to start on March 26, according to CBS Sports. However, as a result of the pandemic, their preseason has been put on pause, and there has been a pushback for their opening day at the end of March. Their initial intention was to try and continue spring training as well as start on their original opening day but this will be postponed until further notice. 

The NBA, the NHL and the MLB were not the only leagues whose seasons were directly affected by the coronavirus. College teams were affected as well. Our own Utica College Men’s Hockey Team was affected by the NCAA cancelations. On March 11, The NCAA announced that Division I men’s and women’s 2020 basketball tournaments as well as all remaining winter and spring NCAA championships are canceled. 

The men’s hockey team was prepared to host its NCAA quarterfinal matchup on Saturday, March 21. This was quickly changed due to the NCAA decision to cancel tournaments and championships because of the virus. 

The UC indoor track and field team was also affected by the cancelation of the NCAA Championships, which were to begin on March 13 at the JDL Fast Track in North Carolina. This was canceled as well. 

Senior runner, Sarina Cannavo said she is upset about the cancelation although she said she understands the precautionary measures. 

“I think with everything going on it was appropriate to do so, it is just very unfortunate for spring athletes and especially seniors that were about to compete in their last season,” Cannavo said. “It still hasn’t really sunk in for me, this all kind of feels fake. It’s just something none of us expected and a weird situation to be dealing with.”

Along with the hockey championship and indoor track championship, the softball and baseball team lose their season as well.

Men’s baseball pitcher Brendon Sarnowski said he is disappointed yet understanding of the season cancelation. 

“We were all looking forward to getting on the field and all playing together during the season,” Sarnowski said. “I understand the precautions of canceling the season because of the severity of this virusand I am thankful that we at least were able to travel to Delaware and Maryland and play together in a few games.”