RA selection process to be in full swing

Photo By: Kaitlyn Tambasco

Photo By: Kaitlyn Tambasco

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Managing News Editor

Spring is around the corner and that means the search is on for new resident assistants to fill positions opening in the fall. 

Lauren Waszkiewicz, area coordinator of Bell, Tower and Alumni Halls, is one person who is in charge of the selection process. She said the interview process is broken up into two parts: a group process that involves group interviews and an individual interview with one professional staff member and two current RAs. 

Both processes take place during the weekend of March 28-29.

“You don’t need to be an extrovert, (previous) residential student or really involved on campus to make a great RA,” Waszkiewicz said. “We are looking for people who want to make an impact in the lives of their fellow Pioneers.”

Waszkiewicz said the current RAs are from different backgrounds, personalities and experiences and that they should reflect and relate well to the greater student body population. RAs also cannot choose where they want to live. If that was the process, there would not be the correct number of staff members per building, Wazkiewicz said.

 After the interviews have concluded, candidates are selected and then based on their preferences, experiences and skills, placements are narrowed down. 

She added that candidates will be notified on April 1, as applications are due March 13 by 11:45 p.m. 

“The fact that being an RA is a paid position is definitely a benefit,” Waszkiewicz said. “For many students, being an RA will allow them to step away from off-campus retail jobs, which in turn helps them to focus on academics, athletics, student organizations and their social lives.”

She said many celebrities, politicians, etc..have also been RAs, including Adam Sandler and Hillary Clinton.

Waszkiewicz said the overall interview process is a learning experience.

“The best case scenario is you get hired for an awesome position where you make amazing memories and friends to last a lifetime, all while building up your resume,” Waszkiewicz said. “Worst case scenario is you gain valuable experience completing a job application and interviewing for a position.”

Sophomore Hannah Camfield is an RA in South Hall and is in her second semester on the job. Camfield said the interview process from the fall to the spring and the spring to the fall is different. 

The job can be tiring and comes with many responsibilities, but Camfield said she enjoys helping people and interacting with other students.  She offered advice to students who are interested in applying. 

“I would say be honest with yourself, don’t say during the interview process what you think the people interviewing you want to hear,” Camfield said. “If you do end up getting the job, the traits that you express during the interview process, are what they’re expecting to get from you.”

In Boehlert Hall is occupational therapy student and sophomore Abigail Rumney, who is in her first semester of being an RA. She was influenced by some of her close friends and decided to apply because she wanted to make a positive impact on the UC community.

Since Rumney was hired for the spring, she did not have a group interview or presentation but did have an interview with one AC and two current RAs.

“I was nervous for the interview, but it went very well,” Rumney said. “I talked about my experience with diversity, what I would do in different situations, my favorite parts of UC, what I wish was different at UC, among other things.”

Rumney said she enjoys getting to know so many other students and the bond between all of the RAs and the ACs. On the other hand, the worst part of her job, she said, is the six hour long weekend duty, as well as having to do eight rounds of the building during that time.

For students who are thinking of applying to be an RA for the upcoming fall semester, Rumney offered some advice, such as fully understanding what the job entails.

“Also, have confidence in yourself and your leadership skills and do not be afraid to talk to new people,” Rumney said.

To apply to be a Resident Assistant for the Fall of 2020, visit https://pioneerplace.utica.edu/submitter/form/step/1?guid=1e38196f-996f-46e2-9945-3e73b45bfac1.