The Super Bowl: An unofficial holiday for UC students


Alyssa Raga, Staff Writer

Hope Russo, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Feb. 2, the Super Bowl LIV took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The San Francisco 49ers took on the Kansas City Chiefs with a final score of 31-20 in a Super Bowl. While the Chiefs and the 49ers dominated the football field, Shakira and J.Lo dominated the halftime stage in a performance that sparked debate.

Starting quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Patrick Mahomes showed up and kept the game close up until the end of the fourth quarter. At the end of the night, it was the Kansas City Chiefs who were victorious, holding the Lombardi Trophy, celebrating with their loved ones and standing under the confetti falling from the top of the stadium.

Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial national holiday for many people. There are parties filled with pizza and chicken wings. Families coming together, yelling at the tv, either in frustration or in celebration. The game, the commercials, the halftime show and the food are all reasons that this day has grown into the enormous event that it is.

Senior communications and media major Stefanie Puma said she was happy that the Kansas City Chiefs won the game.

“Patrick Mahomes is really good,” Puma said. “I also expected them to win going into it.”

Puma said her favorite part of the game was the halftime show.

“I liked all of the girl power,” Puma said. “I enjoyed the music, dancing and the outfits. It was all a lot of fun.”

Comparing the 2020 halftime show with last year’s, junior Tori Emery said “the only thing people were excited about was Adam Levine shirtless but with Shakira and J.Lo their actual performances were exciting.”

“Watching it made you feel like you were at a concert and not in the middle of a football game,” Emery said.

Sophomore Bee Ewing said she could tell that a lot of time and effort went into the performance.

“Both women looked extremely confident, passionate and like they were having a lot of fun,” she said. 

After the show, many viewers took to social media to comment on the amount of skin that both women were showing, claiming that it was not family friendly.

“They were obviously showing a lot of skin but I’m totally here for it,” Ewing said. “Women should be able to do what they want with their bodies without people saying anything about it.”    

Junior criminal justice major JoVon Mucitelli said he also enjoyed the commercials, in fact, he said they are his favorite part every year, especially since his favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys so the final outcome of the game did not matter to him.

Mucitelli said he was excited that the Verizon commercial featured firefighters because he is one himself. In fact, he said he watched the big game in the firehouse, along with his fellow firefighters. 

“Every year we watch the game together, have a party with catered food like pizza, wings and steak,” Mucitelli. “We also bet squares.”

Senior public relations major Allie Evans said she was happy that the Kansas City Chiefs won but thought that the game could have gone either way.

“I think both teams played well,” Evans said. “Either team would have been deserving but in the end, the Chiefs finished stronger.”

Evans said she watched the game at a party with some friends, where they had the classic pizza and wings combo. Evans said they all had a unanimous favorite commercial.

“We liked the T-Mobile commercial,” Evans said. “It was really funny. I liked when his mother would keep calling him to tell him that her phone was working, especially at the end when she was in the club.”

 For freshman communications and media major Matthew Breault, every part of the Super Bowl was great. The game, the food, the commercials, the halftime show, he said he loved it.

 “My favorite part of the game was when the Chiefs made a fourth quarterback to win the game.” Breault said.

 Breault said he was very happy that Kansas City won, especially because of their head coach.

 “I was happy for Andy Reid,” Breault said. “He has never won as a head coach and was very deserving of the win.”

 The halftime show was a huge hit with Breault as well.

 “I thought it was great for them to bring in culture,” Breault said. “It was also really cool to see Jennifer Lopez’s daughter sing.”

Breault was spending time with his father, eating the fan favorite chicken wings while watching the game. One of the commercials really caught his eye, he said.

 “My favorite commercial was the baby peanut one,” Breault said. “I thought it was really clever.”