Analysis: is the new iPhone 11 worth the price?


Photo taken by Grace Barattini.

Grace Barattini, Staff Writer

The details: 

On Sept. 10, Apple launched the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro at a Keynote Event hosted by Apple executives. The new iPhone introduction was accompanied by other new products including a new iPad, Apple Watch Series 5, AppleTV+ and Apple Arcade. 

  The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are equipped with special high end features that consumers are itching to get their finger-tips on. The iPhone 11 price starts at $699 and the iPhone 11 Pro can be purchased for a whopping $999. 

  If you think Apple stopped there, you are highly mistaken. They also introduced the iPhone 11 Pro Max which costs $1,099. 

  The newest and most noticeable feature the iPhone 11 has is the dual camera system, with wide and ultra-wide cameras. They are able to capture high quality video and offers big advancements in photography. 

  The dual camera system paired with iOS13 allows users access to video editing tools. Additionally, the new photography experience is enhanced by 100 percent focus pixels enabling night mode for taking pictures.  

Additional features of the iPhone 11 include the fastest chip installed within the phone and the precise unique design of the hardware and software for the phone. 

  The iPhone 11 can also be purchased in six different colors: red, space gray, white, green, yellow and purple, while the Pro iPhones come in four colors: green, space gray, white and gold.  

  The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max also have these high-tech features, including the longest lasting battery life of any iPhone produced and a pro camera system to date. 

  The Pro iPhones have a triple camera system with super retina XDR display that provides high definition videos and photos. The three cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are ultra-wide, wide and telephoto cameras. 

  The camera seems to be the biggest improvement to the iPhone and is what users are most looking forward to when they purchase any of the three newest releases. 


My personal thoughts ….

When my iPhone 7 died, was I expecting to have the new iPhone 11 in my hands later that day? Absolutely not. And to be honest, purchasing the iPhone 11 was not even an option in my mind. 

  It wasn’t until I actually got to Apple and was able to weigh my options. The salesman at Apple clued me in that if I traded in my iPhone 7 for the new iPhone 11, I would be able to get $150 off my purchase. 

  Therefore, I would be getting the iPhone 11 for $549, which is actually cheaper than getting an iPhone XR with no trade-in offer. 

With the price being reasonable and all the exciting features of the iPhone 11, I secured the purchase and I am definitely getting my money’s worth. 

  What I enjoy most about the iPhone 11 is the camera, which should not be a shocker considering Apple made major improvements to their camera systems. 

  Whenever you take a picture, the result is high quality. It shows the color really well and does not look grainy. The camera system also offers different modes for pictures to be taken in. 

  Before, with my iPhone 7, I was not offered these different modes. Now, I am taking advantage of portrait mode and its different lighting options like natural, studio and contour light. 

  Besides taking advantage of the amazing camera system, I am enjoying the face ID, dark mode, the wider screen and the Animoji animations and Memoji stickers within iMessage.  

  I am discovering new features this phone has every day. 

Overall, I think this phone is worth the money because of the many features and improvements Apple has made. It also creates an immersive user experience whether you are texting or utilizing the camera system.