Students seek motivation over Thanksgiving break

Morgan Manfredo

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is supposed to be a ‘break’ for a reason, but most students are stuck doing end of the semester projects and studying for their finals. The pressure and stress that develops toward the back end of the semester starts to boil once Thanksgiving break rolls around; that is when students start to do anything and everything they can to get their grades up.

The amount of schoolwork some students acquire before the break can be an overload and a breaking point. There is always an overwhelming feeling that students experience when everything starts to be due all at once, and it’s not always easy!

Most students find themselves struggling for the Thanksgiving break, while others always seem to have complete composure. What’s the trick? How is it done?

“It’s always good for students who are seniors to think about their future and how close they are to graduating,” Rosemary Bonacci,an adjunct professor at Utica College and Foundation and Communications at Sitrin Health Care said. “Students should think about what they need to get done in order for them to be ready and prepared for the real world or work on improving resumes over Thanksgiving break.”

Bonacci said that it is best for students to stay determined and remember that the winter break is right around the corner. She also said that for those that aren’t a senior in college and just overcoming the stress of workload in college to stay relaxed, read a book or spend quality time with family and friends. “It’s also important though for everyone to think about the finals coming up and continue to strive towards success during the break.” Bonacci said.

Sophomore Joya Pavia said that “students can stay motivated during Thanksgiving break by setting a schedule up for when they plan on doing all their work.”

Pavia said that it always it always has been helpful for her and keeps her organized

on what she needs to get done by making a schedule.

“Deadlines always creep up on me, so writing everything down is a constant reminder of what I need to do,” Pavia said.

Pavia also said students can stay productive by sticking to their schedules that they have followed all year so it’s easier to stay on track of things. “Doing assignments and making sure students are prepared for upcoming finals are also some ways to stay motivated and finish the semester strong,” she said.

“I personally like to get ahead as much as I can, or get it done the day we go on break so I can enjoy the break without worrying about my work,” sophomore Mary Warfel said. A great tip from

Warfel that students can use for themselves.

“I also think that after Thanksgiving break we only have two more weeks left of school and then were done,” Warfel said. She said that it’s a great way to stay motivated when going through the last bit of school, it makes her excited to know that winter break is so close.

Students can take Thanksgiving break as a way to remember that the semester is so close to the end and to keep pushing themselves. There are always the ups and downs during the semesters, but the short break before the semester ends is a great little push for students to stay motivated and strive for success.