March Madness


Abin Boris, Staff Writer

It’s March, so that means one thing for college basketball fans — March Madness.

The NCAA Tournament brings some of the best moments in college sports and is a time where everybody gets together to make their picks.

Filling out a bracket is one of the most fun and exciting things to do before the tournament. Trying to figure out who will make the Final Four and win it all, trying to figure out who will be this year’s Cinderella team; all of it makes for great fun during the month of March.

For Mike Walker, a sophomore, he knows exactly who he believes will win the tournament.

“For me, I believe that Duke will go all the way,” he said. “They have possibly the best three overall players in the country and seem to be unstoppable.”

Although Duke does seem to be a very safe bet for many people filling out brackets, there are few that actually believe Duke will fall and another team will prevail.

While Walker said Duke will be able to go all the way, he does fear one team that he thinks could be one of the only difficult matchups for the Blue Devils.

“When it comes to Duke’s region, one team that I truly believe can give Duke a run for their money is Michigan State,” he said. “They are a team that easily could have been a one seed but got stuck as the two seed in Duke’s region.”

Sophomore Johnny Silvaggio is one to believe another team will raise the trophy at the end of the tournament.

“I know Duke is really good and many people believe they will win it all,” he said, “I just think that they might not live up to the hype and a team like North Carolina will be champions.”

With two of the top teams being North Carolina and Duke, talks of a possible Duke vs. North Carolina championship game are brewing.

Now when it comes to the tournament, it always ends up having what is labeled the “Cinderella” team, or a team that was not expected to amount to much going into the tournament but ends up blowing everyone out of the water.

It is extremely difficult to be able to pinpoint the team that can make the most surprising run due to the unpredictability of the tournament every year. This may happen because of the fact that the team that does end up making it to the finish line is a team that gets very little spotlight at the beginning of the tournament.

As the Elite Eight gets underway this weekend, plenty of focus will be on each game in hopes of having a near perfect bracket. Everybody will be glued to their TVs and laptops hoping to see upsets and some crazy finishes.

“I will be soaking in as much of each game as I can,” Walker said. “It is going to be a fun first two rounds.”