Belichick, Brady win Sixth


Abin Boris, Staff Writer

The New England Patriots won their sixth championship in the last 18 years on Sunday after defeating the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3, in what was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history.

Many people wrote them off at the beginning of the playoffs, but head coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots once again found a way to prove everyone wrong.

Due to the lack of scoring, fans did not find the game to be as exciting as previous Super Bowls. And it showed as ratings for this year’s game were the lowest in 10 years.

Utica College Junior Joe Capuano did not have a lot of good things to say about this year’s Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl was uneventful in my opinion,” Capuano said. “The game itself was probably the most boring Super Bowl I can remember watching.”

While some were not too happy about the game, junior Mike Colegrove actually enjoyed it.

“I enjoyed watching the game because I am a fan of the NFL,” he said. “I love the games where the intensity builds up.”

Julian Edelman proved to be the X-factor in the game after having 10 receptions for 144 yards, leading the Patriots to the victory. This was Edelman’s third Super Bowl victory, and his Performance helped him receive his first Super Bowl MVP award.  

With Edelman being the unlikely hero, it came as a pleasant surprise for some as they were happy with seeing a face other than Brady holding up both the Lombardi and MVP trophies.

Zak Curtis, a freshman on campus, described his pleasure with seeing someone not named Tom Brady win the Super Bowl MVP.

“I am happy to see Tom Brady not win it,” he said. “Edelman deserved it, and it really is fresh to see somebody else win it.”

With one team’s happiness and success comes another team’s sorrow. The Rams will head into the offseason with a long time to think about what they can do to improve for the upcoming year and bring home a Super Bowl championship themselves.

Many people believe this is not the end of the Rams, and it very well could be just the beginning. A young team with a brilliant head coach has a very bright potential ahead of them, so it would be surprising to not see them in this position again in the coming years.

Freshman Jared Alpha is one who believes the Rams will be back in the big game.

“They have some young talent,” Alpha said. “The experience of the Patriots got the best of them, but they will be back.”

Fans now head into a long offseason, where they hope to see their favorite teams sign the best players to help build a winning culture.

“Hopefully, it’ll be my team cashing in on the big stage soon,” Alpha said. “I am getting tired of the Patriots.”