New Public Relations/ Marketing Major to Make its Debut Next Semester


Kaitlyn Tambasco, Assistant news editor

After four years in the planning process, the brand new public relations/marketing major is set to make its debut in the spring of 2019.

Assistant professor of public relations and digital marketing Elizabeth Burback is the brains behind this combination. She stated that there are many students in the public relations major who have a minor in management and management is an aspect of marketing.

“There is also a number of public relations students that want to work in business someday,” Burback said. “We are hearing back from our recent graduates and a lot of them are doing public relations work, but with aspects of marketing.”

Burback also noted that some alumni who graduated from Utica College in the 1970s and 80s are now working in very high positions in public relations agencies, such as at Ketchum.

“Public Relations and marketing are no longer separate,” Burback said. “Instead they are working together.”

Burback then explained that students will be trained as both a public relations and a marketing professional if they take advantage of the new major. Combining both fields of study is important because it will better prepare students who are looking to have more of a holistic approach to business.

The major will be available to declare next semester and is a BBA. It involves 70 credit hours of work. Burback noted that it would be difficult for a junior or a senior in the public relations major to switch to the public relations/marketing major and still graduate on time.

“As the public relations/marketing major becomes more popular, the long-term plan is to get rid of the whole public relations major,” Burback said. “However, this will not affect the public relations minor or the public relations concentration that goes along with the communication and media major.”

Utica College sophomore Madison Judge is a public relations major with a general public relations concentration. Judge heard about the public relations and marketing major from one of her classes.

“I think it would be an awesome major,” Judge said. “I think students would get more of a business side of public relations, which just makes them more attractive to future employers.”

If given the opportunity, Judge would join this major after getting more information regarding it.

“I was already planning on taking a marketing course as an elective, so I would love to take it a step further if I ended up liking it,” Judge said.

Utica College junior Kyra Borsoi has not heard about the public relations/marketing major but commented saying that it sounded interesting.

“Marketing and public relations are two fields that go hand in hand, so the switch will benefit students who want to work in either or,” Borsoi said. “I love working with people and public relations gives me the chance to do exactly that.”

Borsoi commented that if given the chance, she would switch to the new public relations/marketing major as well.

Utica College senior Avel Montas never heard about the combination of public relations and marketing. He believes that the switch deeply benefits students because it gives more value to the degree when graduating.

“I would rather have the new major because it can supply marketing skills, tools and courses that you can later use on a resume and your career,” Montas said. “I do think it’s a good idea because it gives more room for students to be playful and experiment with their future career options.”