What’s Hot on Netflix this Season



Josie Sgarlata, Staff Writer

Many Utica College students are excited about all of the newest Netflix shows.

According to students, the best way to spend a cold day is to stay inside and binge watch the hottest and newest Netflix shows at the time. UC students discover these up and coming shows on social media or through word of mouth.

Senior Nicole Dollar has been watching the Netflix show “Making a Murderer.”

I like it because it’s extremely interesting content that is controversial and raises a lot of questions on whether or not Steven Avery is innocent and shows the problems with our judicial system,” Dollar said.

She doesn’t have a lot of time to binge-watch it because of the length of the episodes.

“I wish I was binge watching it, but with the episodes being an hour long it is hard to find the time in my schedule to sit down and watch more than one episode at a time,” Dollar said. “So it often takes me a day or two to finish one episode. The content in this series requires you to really pay attention to what you are watching, unlike other shows where you can look away and still be able to follow along.”

Junior Joseph Capuano has been watching “Breaking Bad,” an AMC show that ended in 2013 that is still popular today.

“It’s really interesting and has a great storyline,” he said. “My cousin showed it to me on Netflix a few years back. I don’t really binge watch it. Maybe two to three episodes a day.”

Many Utica College students enjoy another show that went off the air, but is enjoying an afterlife in syndication, “The Office.”

Junior Griffin Baur is binge-watching “The Office,” formerly on NBC, for the third time because he enjoys it so much.  

“‘The Office’” is a very funny show,” Baur said. “I heard about it through some of my friends and Twitter. I first binged-watched it a couple of years ago, but had to rewatch it again because it was so good. I just restarted it a couple of weeks ago and I am already on season four.”

Senior Joelle Mann has been watching the Netflix original “Atypical,” because of the humour portrayed in the show..

“‘Atypical’” is realistic, and it makes me laugh,” Mann said. “ I saw this show while I was scrolling through Netflix trying to find something new.”

Although she enjoys it, she hasn’t watched the show recently.

“I binge-watched the first season a little while ago, but then I got busy with school, so I just started up watching the second season of it,” Mann said.

Junior Heather Dunning has been binge-watching a popular show people have been talking about this fall, “The Haunting of the Hill House.”

About two weeks ago, I started watching “‘The Haunting of the Hill House’” because I saw over social media it was said to be making people vomit and I wanted to know what the hype was about,” Dunning said. “To very few peoples surprise, it is actually very spooky. I didn’t want to watch the last two episodes because I just didn’t want it to end.”

Dunning enjoys this show because the many flashbacks scenes cause viewers to pay attention to the tiny details.

“I like it because it forces you to actually pay attention because there are so many small details and hints that are vital to understanding the storyline and following along because the fact that it jumps between past and present so much can be confusing,” Dunning said.