We Are UC: Matthew Vincent


Source: Matthew Vincent

Chantelle Boateng Social Media/Online Editor

“We Are UC” profiles highlight the people who thread the fabric of the Utica College community. These profiles are written from the perspective of the
subjects themselves.

My name is Matthew Vincent. I am the area coordinator for Burrstone and Boehlert Hall, and I am a Utica native. I attended the College of Saint Rose where I received my bachelor’s degree in childhood education. I then went on to receive my master’s degree in higher education, leadership, and administration. After graduating, I worked professionally for three years in the Office of Residence Life as an area coordinator at my alma mater.

I came to work at UC after the term limit for my position as an area coordinator came to an end this past year. A term limit is how long the contract for an area coordinator position lasts. I returned to Utica after my mom sent me a job posting for an area coordinator position here at UC.

I love working in the Office of Student Living because I get to see firsthand what students go through living in residence halls. I also get a chance to see the RAs and the work they put into helping residents in terms of event planning and being there for the residents. When I am not busy being an area coordinator, I am also a professor for UCC 101. It has allowed me to help the first-year students transition to college life.

From the first day I came to UC, I was accepted with open arms and welcomed by the SLCE office team and resident assistants. Overall, it has been great getting to know all the RAs and the staff.

I have noticed that students are really proud to go to school here, which doesn’t happen at every college. I enjoy that there are so many active organizations on campus that participate and encourage student involvement.

Along with my fellow area coordinator Jason Francy, I started a program called “Daymaker.” Each person is assigned another person in the office to make that person’s day better in anyway they can. They can simply do anything from giving their assigned person a compliment or getting them their favorite candy. After that, they have to take a selfie with their daymaker. This is to allow everyone to get to know one another.