All About Learning Services


Source: Emmalyn Ylaya

Emmalyn Ylaya,Staff Writer

Students at Utica College are working hard to achieve their academic and career goals. But sometimes it is hard for some students to obtain their goals because of their learning disabilities.

Utica College’s Office of Learning Services is the place to go for those with special educational needs, such as having a test read, requiring a notetaker or extended time on exams.

Judy Borner, the director of Learning Services, said many things about the use of the office and ts rules. She has worked at the office as a staff member for several years and is currently on her first year serving as the director.

“The main use for Learning Services is to work with students who have learning disabilities,” Borner said.

Other office staff include Office Administrator Dena Putrello, Assistant Director Jessica Amerosa and Captionist Audrey Caputo. Putrello and Caputo have worked with Learning Services for several years, while Amerosa is currently working at the office for the first time.

Putrello’s job is to help the students who enter the office for appointments or reserve testing space.

“When students reserve testing space, we would like at least two weeks in advance before the date of the test.” Putrello said.

Ever since Amerosa has been working with Learning Services, she said that her experience with the office has been positive.

“I think the office is a great resource on campus to assist students in their academic endeavors,” Amerosa said. “Judy, our director, provides great leadership that allow the staff to provide a supportive atmosphere. Getting to know the faculty and staff has been a pleasure.”

As a captionist for Learning Services, Caputo is in charge of working with deaf students.

“I live caption in the classroom and make scripts for videos,” Caputo said. “I sometimes do lectures, too. I feel Learning Services is a big part of our students’ success who just need a little extra help. I also do a lot of office work along with Excel spreadsheets and databases of our students. I also get a hold of publishers to order an electronic version of textbooks for students who have that accommodation. I really enjoy working for the Office of Learning Services. It is a very rewarding job.”

In 2014, there were anonymous surveys given to students at Learning Services to share their experiences with the office.

“I always believed that I was not that smart in high school,” one student said. “These services have helped me build confidence and realize that I am smart.”

Another student said, “It’s a friendly place to go to and everyone in the office is focused on you getting a degree.”

If you are someone who has a learning disability or think you might have one, contact Learning Services at 315-792-3032 or email Judy Borner at [email protected]