We Are UC : Lukus Becker


Source: Lukus Becker

Chantelle Boateng,Online and Social Media Editor

My name is Lukus Becker, and I am a senior majoring in psychobiology with a concentration in pre-med. I am originally from Berne, New York, and I decided to attend Utica College mainly because of the cross country team. But I also chose UC because of the financial aid package, which was the best option compared to the other nine colleges I had applied and been accepted to. This really made me feel rewarded to attend school here.

UC is only an hour away from where I live, which allows me to be close to home but far enough to have a great college experience. When I first got here, I was majoring in biology but changed to psychobiology after hearing about it in my freshman seminar class. I would like to go to medical school for veterinary medicine once I graduate from UC because I would love to be a veterinarian. Growing up on a farm, I have been around animals my whole life, which is how I grew to love them.

While I am involved in multiple organization on campus, the one that is closest to my heart is Active Minds. I started Active Minds because I wanted the UC community to have resources on the topic of mental health. I also wanted to bring a group of people together because, within two years of being in college, I saw a need for more types of mental health resources and wanted to give that to the students on campus. Overall, I want Active Minds to go on the UC campus and create a better tomorrow for everyone, which is the main reason why I started.