UCPioneers.com Gets a Facelift


Christian Rodriguez, Assistant Sports Editor

The Utica College athletic website has a new look that has struck the eyes of users around campus.

However, with the transition to an updated website, there are mixed feelings from athletes.

Gil Burgmaster, UC’s sports information director, is the has led the changes and explained “every three to four years it’s always good to bring a new look to your website.”

“Not only for the look but how it navigates and introducing new features,” Burgmaster said. “Updating the website is a way of marketing our department and continuing to keep up with the other marketing aspects of our sports.”

According to Burgmaster, he and his department are “always benchmarking,” or seeing what other websites are doing to give them an idea of what direction they should take to better their department.

“I really liked what Georgia University was doing with their website, along with Syracuse University,” Burgmaster said. “I kinda looked at their sites and found different components that we could implement in ways that will work for us.”

It was found by the sports information department that 70 percent of their users visit the website through mobile devices, so Burgmaster felt that the main reason for the new web design was for it to be easier to navigate from all devices stating.

“The website is now a ‘responsive website,’ which means it responds no matter what device you are on,” Burgmaster said.

Senior basketball player Maggie Tabone appreciates the new look of her team’s online profile.

“I think our team’s information looks good,” Tabone said. “I think it’s quick and easy to find what is important.”

Tabone also added that “people won’t look if information isn’t easy to find.” She also feels that the navigation is “super easy.”

The overall new look to the website to Tabone is “appealing.”

“It is a lot more attractive to the eye,” Tabone said.

Junior field hockey player Paige Mapley likes the new look overall but has some things she would recommend “getting rid of.”

“I don’t like that there’s advertisements on the webpage, like discounted wines,” Mapley said.

The junior stressed that she does “love” that the website has snapshots of them scoring in different games on the website.

“It makes it easy for us to just go back and relive the season with some highlight plays available on our own webpage,” Mapley added.

The new tab that shows the upcoming events on the website is very beneficial, Mapley said.

“That was a great addition,” she said. “I remember I had to do a lot of clicking and browsing around the website to find out what games are being played on campus, now it’s just one click and I’m there.”

Freshman basketball player Shawn Gashi loves the new website and said that it is “so easy to get around.”

“Sometimes, with the old website, my phone would crash or tabs wouldn’t work on my phone,” Gashi said. “I can tell that the new website was made for our phones because everything works perfectly.”

Gashi also feels that the way the statistics are displayed “makes it easier to read” and “looks way better than the old page,”

“I like how it shows our stats and has pictures along with it,” Gashi said. “With more visuals I think it will bring more viewers to our page and give our athletes more exposure.”