We Are UC: Ethan Kipp

Contributed by Ethan Kipp

Contributed by Ethan Kipp

“We Are UC” highlights the people who thread the
fabric of the Utica College community. These profiles are written from the perspective of the subjects themselves.

Story by Whitney Morris, photo provided by Ethan Kipp

I chose Utica College for a few reasons. First, the cost was attractive, and I did not want to be buried in debt. However, I was also struck by the professors and how much time and effort they put into showing me a positive experience after a tour of the campus. My name is Ethan Kipp and I am a junior from Stillwater, NY.

I am relatively happy at UC; there are some pretty jarring flaws in the working of the campus, but I do still like the environment and the people. If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, though, the administration has had some problematic failings that aren’t lost on me. I would still apply and come here for the people and professors I’ve gotten to know and who have made this place wonderful.

On campus, I’m involved with the radio station pretty heavily, which started simply because I was looking for a job, but the people were funny and it seemed to be a quality work environment. I fell for the interaction on campus, and it made it easy to be involved and to be a part of a community.

I’m also involved with UC Theatre; acting has always been a passion of mine, and they gave me the opportunity to just take that and run with it. I’ve actually always wanted to either voice act or act on camera/stage. I had thought it was something of a fool’s dream, but Utica College has helped me embrace that dream while also allowing me to create a healthy backup plan.

Being involved in as many shows on UC campus as I have been in my time here has been really good for me. Conquering the fear of stage fright and public speaking has been possibly the best achievement. Working at the radio has also helped me learn to be organized, work with other people and be on the same page to work better and more efficiently.

When I first started out, I was awful at time management, but as I’ve progressed through the college experience I’ve gotten much better at keeping track of my to-do list and seeing that it all gets done. Involvement with theatre, the radio station and homework galore doesn’t leave much in the way of free time, but a few hikes and trips here and there have stood out.

I believe that staying relaxed and calm is the key to doing well in life. Don’t let other people or things that you honestly don’t or shouldn’t care about get on your nerves and affect you. Prioritize what really matters and if anything has you so stressed out that you’re emotionally injured and freaking out then either, A, it’s not worth it or, B, you are doing something really wrong.