Tips for staying safe on campus


Maggie Reid, Assistant Features Editor

Recent events on campus have made some students think about what they should do to stay safe on and off of the Utica College campus.

Freshman dorm doors lock automatically, while doors in other dorms have to be locked from the inside. With busy schedules, tired minds often forget to do one of the most important things before heading to bed–locking their doors.

Junior Sierra Pound and her roommates always make sure to lock their door.

“Whoever is up last in our suite is the one responsible for turning off all the lights and making sure that the door is locked,” Pound said.

While Pound normally feels safe on campus, she and her roommates choose to be safe rather than sorry and always make sure their door is locked up tight.

Sophomore Heather Dunn also makes sure that her door is locked at night or when she or her roommates aren’t around. Besides doing this, she has other ways to make sure she stays safe on and off campus –like always making sure she is carrying her phone with her.

“I always make sure that I am wearing my seat belt while I am driving around campus,” Dunn said. “I take common sense precautions and make sure that I have my phone on me, because I have my medical I.D. on my phone.”

Dunn feels safe on campus because nothing has happened to make her feel unsafe. Junior Michaela Valentino feels the same way although she hasn’t been here that long.

“I only been here for a semester, as I transferred here this year,” Valentino said. “I’ve felt pretty safe on campus so far.”

While locking your door and having your phone on you are some important ways to stay safe on and off campus, here are some other ways to make sure that you won’t find yourself in a bind:

  • Located around campus are blue light call boxes that will summon campus safety if you ever feel unsafe or happen to need their assistance.


  • Students can download the Rave Guardian app from the app store, which is powered by Smart 911 to help you feel assured while walking alone on campus late at night.


  • By simply entering your cell phone number and Utica College email address, you are granted access to the app. The app includes safety features, such as calling campus safety with the press of a button, sending an anonymous tip, calling 911 and a safety timer. Students can set the timer for the amount of time you believe it would take you to get back to your dorm and if you are not back by the time the timer is done campus safety will be notified.

Social media can land you in trouble if you are constantly posting your location, according to Safe Wise. You should always make sure not to post anything showing that you are home alone or leaving, as someone can catch you off guard. Geo tagging your photos on SnapChat and Instagram can alert strangers to your exact location. While you may enjoy having those thousand followers, you should ask yourself if it is really worth the risk having all those strangers know exactly where you are.

According to University Language, be aware of your surroundings when walking alone and don’t wear headphones, as they can distract you. You should always make sure to keep your head up so that you are not caught by surprise.

“I make sure that I walk fast when I am walking alone at night,” Valentino said