Reduce, reuse and recycle


Kaitlyn Tambasco, Tangerine Clerk

College students have many expenses as well as responsibilities. An often ignored responsibility within the Utica College community is recycling.

In every building on campus, there is at least one, maybe more, recycling bin accessible to students to throw in their bottles, cans, paper and plastic. Some students do take full advantage of this, while other students dispose plastics in a completely different manner.

Utica College junior Ananda Carmichael does something different with the recyclables she accumulates in her dorm room.

“I actually throw everything away,” Carmichael said. “I do not have space to put the bottles aside.”

Carmichael also added that this is because she doesn’t drive, making it hard for her to go to Walmart and get cash back for her bottles. When Carmichael is home, it’s a different story.

“When I am home in Brooklyn, my family and I take the bottles to the store and recycle them to get cash back,” Carmichael added.

When it came down to it, Carmichael wasn’t exactly sure if her fellow peers make use of the recycling bins on campus.

“I think a small portion of students do, because I see a few groups doing it and it shocked me because I didn’t think students would participate,” Carmichael said.

Custodial supervisor Rich Kennedy said a lot of work goes into recycling on campus.

“All of our recyclable items get handled by our waste carrier; no money itself is coming back to the college,” Kennedy said. “If there is money, than the hauler gets it.”

However, some products outdo others when it comes to recycling.

“We get a lot of paper and a lot of cardboard,” Kennedy said. “There are not a whole lot of bottles or cans.”

Recyclables get picked up three times a week by college’s waste management hauler.

“A lot of the bottles and cans are thrown out,” Kennedy said. “This is because a lot of them are just thrown into the garbage, making them contaminated, so we have to leave them in the trash.”

Out of all the buildings and halls on campus, there are certain buildings that do make recycling more difficult.

“The residence halls are probably the hardest to get recycling from,” Kennedy said. “This is because a lot of the items aren’t separated.

Utica College sophomore Skylar Harwick takes a different approach when it comes to recycling.

“I recycle all of my bottles at school,” Harwick said. “To be honest, I haven’t seen many people utilize the recycling bins on campus. I would have to say that this is either because most of what they use is disposable, or they just do not recycle.”