Tips and tricks for saving money


College students are trying to figure out how to save money

Maggie Reid, Assistant Features Editor

For some college students, money is something that disappears as quickly as it appears in their bank account. For others, the whole semester is spent trying to be frugal by only spending an allotted amount each week.

Senior Lindsey Sicker tries to save her money by being on the lookout for deals and buying the cheapest version of the item she wants, which usually ends up being food.

“When I go shopping, I always make sure I only get things I need,” Sicker said. “I always try to limit myself and try not to spend over $30 in the span of two to three weeks. I don’t really find myself spending money on anything really besides food.”

Senior Makenna Cooley puts most of her money towards her credit card bill.

“Most of the money that I have right now is going towards paying off my bill, so there is not a lot of savings going on right now,” Cooley said. “The money I have left over goes towards my groceries.”

Cooley had an internship over the summer, so she wasn’t making the money that she normally makes. However, now that she is back on campus, that will all change.

“Now that I’m back in school, I work as a student ambassador and peer tutor,” Cooley said.

“This will make it easier for me because now I am going to have more money coming in rather than just going all out, like it was all summer.”

Freshman Sofia White tries not to spend her money at all unless it is for something she really needs.

“Most of my money goes towards paying for my education,” White said. “I don’t really spend money unless it is for something really important like running shorts or concert tickets. Like most college students, half my spending money goes towards food.”

Back home, White works as a waitress at a family restaurant. While away at school, she wants to find another job, however, freshman without a work study cannot get a job on campus until their second semester.

“I have been looking around for jobs that I can apply for next semester as well as jobs off campus,” White said. “I might wait until I have a little bit more time and am not taking three science courses all at once.”

Like White, Sicker also has a job back home, but has no time to find a job while at school.

“I am way too busy to be working while up at school,” Sicker said. “I want to make sure I can make my money last until I can finally work again and make it all back. There is no way I could squeeze a job into my schedule.”