Construction Management building plans


A rendering of the proposed construction management building. Source: David Dubbelde

Kelsey Carlo, Staff Writer

Since the construction management Program was reconstituted on campus in 2007 and accredited by the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) in 2015, it has been envisioned that one day the program will have a home to call their own.

“This is the only stand-alone construction management program in the state of New York that’s accredited by the ACCE,” said David Dubbelde, director of the construction management program.

Currently, the construction management program resides in the basement of Hubbard Hall, limiting them to only one hallway of learning sites. Professor Dubbelde states that construction for the building is set to start in March of 2018.

“The site drawings were set to be complete by the end of this summer, and the construction is arranged to start in March of 2018,” said Dubbelde. “The occupancy of the building is scheduled for the start of Spring 2019.”

The proposed building will be a two-story, 15,000 square feet, modular design facility located adjacent to Hubbard Hall. The key features include a new 1,000 square feet material laboratory, two construction management laboratories, four classrooms plus a smart classroom, a multi-use auditorium and four faculty offices.

The smart classroom will have mobile cameras and smart video conferencing technology and will allow the program to access blended online courses. The ACCE requires programs to have a lab that is sufficient for their curriculum, which the 1,000-square foot materials lab will fulfill. The multi-use auditorium will be used for construction management conferences, professional presentations, alumni gatherings, seminars and large lectures. The space will have a 120-seating capacity.

“Within the next five years, 50 percent of professional trades people will be retiring which means these construction management students are next in the workforce pipeline and they need the resources necessary to get them there,” said George Nehme, vice president for advancement.

The expected cost of the building is approximately $3.542 million.

“Right now, we have $2.1 million in gifts and pledges of the $3.5 million we need,” said Nehme. “We project to receive the rest within a year.”

The new construction management building is set to offer a range of benefits for the program, the College and the students. With new learning spaces, it will be possible to send out educated and highly-trained students into the workforce upon graduation.

“Utica’s construction management program already has a lot of things going for it, but when prospective students come to campus and see this new, high-quality facility, it will just enhance the college’s ability to recruit and retain the kind of promising young professionals the industry needs,” said Gary Thurston, chairman and CEO of Hayner-Hoyt Corporation.