Exclusive: Pokémon Go…one year later

Source: bleedingcool.com

Source: bleedingcool.com

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Tangerine Clerk

Just over a year ago, Pokémon Go took the world by storm with millions of players globally. The game is for all ages and was designed to get people moving around the physical world while finding Pokémon and spinning Pokéstops that correspond with real-world locations to collect various items.

A year later, though, are people still playing? We talked with some Utica College students to see if they are still riding the Pokémon Go hype.

Lyn Okoth is actually disappointed in the game. Being an avid Pokémon player for a long time, Pokémon Go really changed things.

“When it first came out, I gave it a try,” Okoth said. “It just seemed like everyone around me was playing it. It was really popular among my friends. People that used to make fun of me about playing Pokémon are now playing Pokémon go like it’s the real game. Plus, they really do not have a whole lot of gaming options. It’s not like regular Pokémon at all.”

Lavonna Loomis also had her input about Pokémon Go.

“I have a few friends who play the game, but personally I never have gotten into into it,” Loomis said. “I’m not really into the concept of Pokémon anyway, so I just think it would be boring. I guess it is a good way to get out and get some exercise, but you don’t need Pokémon Go for that. All you need is a little music to play to keep yourself on track.”

Simone White also had her opinion about the game.

“I used to play it when it first came out,” White said. “It almost became the new fad. It was a lot of fun at first and it was a different way to get people off the couch and start exercising. After a while, I sort of lost interest. It’s not something that I play anymore. It’s still cool, but it’s just one of those things I don’t have time for anymore.”