Rylee Meelan, Staff Writer

As another year comes to an end, students and faculty look back on the eventful year that Utica College had. There may be some ups and downs, but the good memories always outweigh the bad ones. From spending countless hours in the library or office, to countless hours on the sports field, students, athletes and faculty all had an eventful and memorable year.

Freshman students have had a busy year. Transitioning into their first year can be very difficult because it is nothing like high school. Your workload becomes bigger and time management becomes a necessity. But freshman year is when you meet a lot of new people and make new friends that you will create memories with for the next 3 years.

“My first year at Utica College has been pretty successful. I have met a lot of people that I am excited to spend the next few years with,” said Michael Teesdale. “Also, one of the things I will remember this year is all of the hard work I put into my school work, it was a big adjustment going from high school work to college work so I am proud of myself for staying on top of everything.”

Freshman Lindsay Hayduk also had the privilege of meeting some great people in her first year. She transferred to Utica College for the second semester and is beyond happy with her decision.

“When I first got to Utica College I was really lost and then I found Theta Phi,” said Hayduk. “I gained 47 who made me feel so at home hands down. When I officially became a part of Theta Phi I couldn’t have been any happier with my choice, I am so excited to share the next few years with these girls. Joining a sorority has been my favorite memory yet.”

The athletes here at Utica College have put in some serious hard work this year. Teams have focused on their practices and their games to get better every day. Many of the teams have reached new heights and continue to grow each year. Athletes have set goals for themselves and keep accomplishing them.

Ariel Mroz-Brewer has completed her first year as assistant field hockey coach, alongside of first year Head Coach Nikki Kieffer. The two worked together to have a successful season as they are both new to coaching a division three sport. “The best memory I have from my first year at Utica College is watching my team be the underdogs against Hartwick and come out with a victory,” said Arield Mroz-Brewer. “It was also our first victory as coaches and a team. It was a moment I will never forget.”

Athletes have set goals for themselves and keep accomplishing them. A sport can mean so much to athletes, they get the opportunity to work hard and achieve what they put their minds to.

Senior Rachael Scaramuzzino she had put in a lot of hours of training consisting of lifting, running and anything else to help her become a better athlete.

“I trained so much for my last ever field hockey season,” said Scaramuzzino. “I wanted it to be my best season yet and all my work paid off, I was named second team all star and that was such a huge accomplishment. It’s something I am always going to be proud of.”

As another semester comes to an end, another semester is right around the corner. A new semester brings in so many new memories that will last a lifetime.