GSA hosts 4th annual drag show


Photo by Daeshan Buseck

Tionna De Freitas, Features Editor


The Utica College’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held their fourth annual Drag Show this past weekend. Students piled in to Strebel Auditorium to see fun and entertainment by their UC classmates and other well-known drag stars around the world, including Miss Kasha Davis, who is best known as a contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Senior Elliott Coleman said he thoroughly enjoyed Miss Kasha’s performance. “I was kind of star struck really, I watched her on TV and now here I am watching and interacting with a professional who is known all around the world.”

The fun, open and loving atmosphere carried the night full of entertainment and laughter. You never knew what was coming or what to expect; all acts had something that distinguished them from the others, which made it a great show.

“There were plenty of moments where I thought this was my favorite part of the night,” said GSA e-board member, Asia Rosa.

“But I would have to say my favorite part of the show is the debriefing part at the end. The audience was given a chance to pick the brains of drag queens at different stages in their careers. I felt like that varying insight allows people from the outside perspective to really understand the art of drag,” said Rosa.

GSA member, Tim Smith says his favorite part of the show was when they all came together at the end.

“I really enjoyed when they performed together at the end of the show I think they should do that more often. It really describes and puts forth the meaning of unity.”

All of GSA couldn’t be happier with the turnout and how well the show went.

“The atmosphere of the event was euphoric,” Coleman said. “You could tell that everyone that came to the event had a blast, and the same goes for the performers. All of GSA and I are really happy with the turnout, especially because we’ve all worked hard to make this come to fruition.”

The GSA club at Utica College is one of many clubs on campus that supports students of any background, gender, race or sexual orientation. Their message is to spread LGBTQ awareness, and love throughout the community by the many events they host on campus.

“The club also aims to provide safe spaces to anyone and do not limit ourselves to just the LGBTQ community, but open to all allies as well,” said Rosa.