Cast away

Maggie Reid, Staff Writer


To college students currently worrying about upcoming deadlines and finals, being on a deserted island sounds like a welcome escape. The sounds of ocean waves and birds flying high in the sky seems much better than the voice in your head reminding you of how little time you have to get things done.

But what if the island was deserted and you could only bring three things with you? Students weighed in on what necessities they would bring to survive.

Sophomore Katie Phillips joked about bringing her makeup bag with her.

“I might as well look good when I’m being rescued,” Phillips said. “I would also bring six chickens for food and a blanket to keep me warm.”

Sophomore Logan Sherman seemed to know exactly what items he would bring if trapped on an island.

“I would bring 300 yards of 550 cord, a knife, and a flint striker,” said Sherman.

“The knife could be used for hunting and gathering, the flint striker would be used to make a fire, and the rope would be used to tie leaves and sticks together to make a structure. It could also be used to make tools such as a hatchet by tying a stone to a stick,” Sherman added.

Others were less practical with the items they would take, and chose to instead take whole establishments.

“I would bring a Costco, a Walmart and a Costco membership card,” freshman Chase Pecoraro said.

Freshman Jess Macheda would bring a tarp, a friend and a blanket.

“I would want the tarp so I could collect rainwater,” Macheda said. “I would also want to bring a friend so that I’m not alone. I would also bring a blanket so that I wouldn’t get cold.”

Sophomore Jen Stimpson would bring necessities needed to hunt.

“I would bring a lighter to start a fire, and a rifle and bullets to hunt for food.”

Whether you’re bringing a friend or a Walmart, everyone has his or her own method to survival. While you are studying for hours on end for your math or physics finals, take a break to ponder what you would bring with you to a deserted island, because math and physics can wait.