Spring is #trending

Chantelle Boateng, Staff Writer


Calling all fashionistas; the trendy spring season has arrived.The harsh winter weather is slowly coming to an end and the nice warm weather is on its way. It’s time to put away the coats and bring out the colorful eye-catching patterns, cool hairstyles, and let’s not forget about the makeup.

Each year during spring there is always something new that catches the eyes of every fashionista. This year, it’s all about the clothes that make a statement or catch the attention of those with a keen eye for fashion. The trends to watch out for are floral patterns, lace, and bright accessories.

Spring also give many a chance to dress the way they have been looking forward to and try the newest trends and hairstyles, such as loose curls and other fun styles. The best part about Spring fashion is being able to go shopping to hunt for the best bargains.

“What I love about spring is the snow melting and it being sunny and not so humid,” sophomore Amanda Lane said. “I love sandals, toe rings, and flower pattern crop tops. I shop for my spring clothes from forever 21 and I like to pair the flower patterned crop tops with jeans most of the time.”

Although fashion brings people together like food, everyone doesn’t always run toward the same thing. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to fashion and what looks good on them. While some might like floral as their go-to spring styles, others love bright colors.

“My favorite thing about spring is that the weather is not cold,” sophomore, Danielle Martin said. “I love the bright vibrant colors and floral prints people wear during the Spring season. I usually get some of my clothes from Marshall’s, H&M and American Eagle. I sometimes pair my bright vibrant color and floral prints with jeans and a nice pair of ankle heeled boots or high heels.”

When it comes to spring fashion, guys are also trendsetters in their own sense, and show other guys what trends are up to date. While girls focus on shoes, such as heels, sandals, flat, purses, guys focus on sneakers.

“My favorite thing about spring is the change in weather,” sophomore Jason Whyte said. “It’s the perfect temperature to play basketball outside.The style that I like are the overalls, I really want to get a pair that is really unique.”

When it comes to guys, fashion is all about wearing comfortable clothes, which consists of sweats or anything that is baggy.

“I also like the baseball jerseys they are very fashionable. I usually go to H&M, forever 21 and Zara,” Whyte said. “The clothes that I usually like to pair together is a nice pair of black baseball jersey with a white short sleeve shirt underneath paired with ripped blue jeans and black Jordans.”