Students reveal tips for surviving a Utica winter

Michael Muon

Staff Writer

New York winters can get extremely cold as the season progresses through December and into January. According to, Syracuse, which is 45 minutes away, earns the title as one of the top ve worst winters in the United States.

Utica College’s student body consists of people from around the world, so it may be harder for some people to adjust to the colder climate. It is important that students prepare for harsh conditions during winter.

Temperatures may go down into the negative numbers and snowfall can increase up to 15 inches in one night. But, in classic UC fashion, there will still be classes in the morning.

“Because I’m from a country that never gets snow, I was ready for some change in the weather,” international student Ayuwath Kuy said.

Kuy also mentioned that she overly prepared because she was warned about the cold weather. Kuy wore many layers, and advises students to do the same.

In addition to the cold weather, the signi cant amount of snowfall can lead to unsafe driving conditions.

Sophomore Rachel McDaniel advises students to “buy a big snow brush with an ice scraper and drive very slow.”

Central New Yorkers advise students that when driving

during the winter, they should wake up a little extra early to warm up their vehicles and brush all the snow off to avoid any dif culty seeing. Utica roads are known to be bad during the winter; it’s almost like it doesn’t even get plowed. McDaniel also advises students to bundle up to avoid being cold and also enjoy how pretty the snow is

“I just try to embrace it,” Junior Elliott Coleman said. “I look at it as the semester being close to over. Since it starts to get colder, the further we get into the semester.”

Coleman advises students, to bundle up with scarves, gloves, hats and make sure to wear extra layers.

While there are heavy snowfall and extremely cold weather, Central New York has a lot to offer during the winter. Old Forge is named as the “Snowmobile Capital of the East” thanks to 300 inches of annual snowfall. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are two of CNY’s favorite winter activities students can try. Take a group of friends and go sledding on a snowy day down a giant hill. Ice skating is also a fun activity during the winter. There are many activities that local Central New Yorkers look forward to during the winter months, and UC students can partake in activities to get a full experience. Getting the full winter experience is important, especially for the students who come from warmer climates that do not have winters like those in New York