Graduate student profile: Tori Couture

Erik Lyndaker, Staff Writer


Utica College occupational therapy graduate student Tori Couture graduated last spring and is writing her story a little differently than other graduate students.

While adjusting to the new lifestyle of graduate school and having a job, Couture used her extra year of eligibility playing on UC’s field hockey team as a team captain. Couture was the team’s leader and started all 18 of their games and chipped in a goal alongside two assists.

Although Couture did not produce overwhelming stats, her fellow teammate, Melissa Koch said, “Tori was our rock on the team and held everything together even though our season didn’t turn out as hoped.”

After the season was over Couture realized she is now officially done with her college career as a four-year athlete and it was time to start focusing on the goals she had in mind. While waiting tables at a local restaurant in Clinton, New York, she is zeroed in on one goal, passing her boards when she graduates.

“I’m trying to tackle grad school one step at a time so I don’t lose focus,” Couture said.    Once she passes her boards, Couture has big plans to become a traveling therapist out west for a few years.

“Once I feel it’s time I want to find a job at a school district and become a field hockey coach at that district,” she said.

Couture hopes to remain an example of a graduate student who has been able to balance her life and school while still maintaining her goals.