Reactions to Pat’s Superbowl win


Morgan Golliver, Staff Writer


After the Atlanta Falcons had a 28-9 lead at the end of the third quarter, the New England Patriots didn’t think they would even have a chance to tie or win the game, but they did.

The Patriots scored 19 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, including two 2-point conversions to tie and send the game into the first Super Bowl overtime ever played.

The Patriots scored on the first drive of overtime to win the game 34-28 over the Falcons which marked MVP Quarterback Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl victory.

Some students and staff at Utica College were shocked and disappointed at the results while one student cried tears of joy.

“I wasn’t a fan of either team but rooted for the Falcons to spite my friends who like the Patriots,” freshman Trey Manganaro said. “But at the end, I was speechless and thought it was a great comeback by the Patriots.”

Doug Croft, chief operator and station advisor at the WPNR 90.7 Radio Station, is a local Buffalo Bills fan that always roots against the Patriots on any given day. Has frustrated when the Patriots won, but he has total respect for the Patriots organization.

Freshman, Brittany Smith, loved the outcome of the game, as she is a loyal Patriots fan.

“I am a born bred Patriots fan because my family is originally from Massachusetts,” Smith said. “I was on the phone with my boyfriend crying tears of joy after the game.”

Smith also has a favorite play of the game that greatly helped the Patriots make the comeback.

“My favorite play was when Julian Edelman caught the ball off the Falcons’ player’s leg,” Smith said.

Lady Gaga sang during the Super Bowl halftime show which students and staff were impressed by the technology and effects used in her performance.

“It was entertaining as it did a good job drawing people in who didn’t care about football,” Croft said. “ I also liked the vast amount of technology used.”

Manganaro didn’t watch the halftime show live, but got a chance to watch it afterwards and thought it was cool to watch Gaga fly.

“She did good, she exceeded my expectations,” Smith said. “ My favorite part was when they showed the wall with flags on it in the beginning before she came out.”

Overall, UC students and staff were satisfied with this year’s Super Bowl and are looking forward to next fall for a new NFL season.