Bad Roommates

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Staff Writer

Whether living on campus or commuting, everyone has heard of, or experienced, bad roommate stories.

We spoke with some students (whose names are fictitious for privacy reasons) to hear some of their bad roommate stories.

Marissa Gladstone, Junior

Junior “Marissa Gladstone” met her first roommate, “Mary Stevens,” through Moosematch the summer before moving into North Hall for her freshman year. 

Both Gladstone and Stevens had good contact with each other before moving in together, which made things easier at first.

“The first week was great,” Gladstone said. “We had good communication and we shared things like the TV.”

Despite the good start, Stevens would begin to pretend Gladstone didn’t exist.

“I wanted to watch TV and couldn’t find the remote, so I asked Mary where it was but she didn’t care,” Gladstone remembered.

Stevens stopped talking to Gladstone after that, and would decide to move out at the  beginning of the second semester without telling her roommate.

Gladstone’s new roommate in the second semester was nice, and both got along well.

Gladstone, however, would experience more roommate troubles in her sophomore year when she was put into a suite. 

Gladstone’s new suitemate, “Abby Jones,” didn’t respect her at all. Jones would blame Gladstone for things she didn’t do, and constantly screamed and yelled at her.

Gladstone has lived by herself since then.

Boston Bishop, Sophomore 

Sophomore “Boston Bishop” lived in South Hall his freshman year with his roommate, “Harold Nayyirah”.

Bishop felt that he and Nayyirah had good contact through text message after meeting each other through Moosematch over the Summer.

Nayyirah would text Bishop things like, “Hey, I got a fridge, can you get a microwave?”

After move-in day, both would have a good first week in their room, and did not have any problems with sharing initially.

During the second week of classes, however, things suddenly changed when both Bishop and Nayyirah began to not see eye-to-eye.

Bishop remembers a confrontation they had when he was eating soup in the room:

“You can’t have that in here,” Nayyirah said.

“Why not?” Bishop said.

“Well I am a vegetarian.”

“Well I’m a Leo, so who cares?”

“You are not allowed to eat anything with meat in our room.”

The two would not talk after that, and Nayyirah would move out on the first day of the second semester that year.

Bishop now lives at the Ramada Inn with a new roommate.

Helen Rablowsky, Freshman

When freshman “Helen Rablowsky” was preparing to move-in last semester she planned on being in a double with a girl she met over Moosematch.

Plans changed for Rablowsky, however, when she arrived on move-in day.

“I was surprised to see three beds in the room when I moved in,” Rablowsky said. “The girl I didn’t even know had already moved in. That was the worst part.”

Rablowsky remembers the night a friend of the third roommate she initially did not know came in to get all of the roommate’s things.

When the girl was asked what she was doing, she responded, “It doesn’t matter.”

Rablowsky’s third roommate ended up getting moved out within the second week of classes.