Saving that pocket change

Mary Warfel, Staff Writer

Saving money can be challenging for college students, especially during the holiday seasons. Some students have part-time jobs or jobs on campus to either have money for expenses or fun activities.

Senior Aria Luppino tries to eliminate the temptations of spending by keeping two separate accounts and trying not to dip into her savings account frequently.

College students have a difficult time trying to keep money and make money, because the jobs that they may have do not pay very much and the hours they can work are limited because of school.

“Being a college student and having two part time jobs doesn’t really contribute to a lot of money,” Luppino said.

Commuter students also have a hard time saving money due to the expenses that came with driving, food and bills.

Sophomore Brandon Pham, a commuter, has a technique to save money.

“I have found that by approximating how much I will need within a week and then withdrawing that amount in cash to use, really helps me save,” Pham said. “This way I only spend the money on hand and if I purchase this way, I buy what’s necessary and don’t dip into my checking/savings.”

During the holiday season it is hard for people to stay within their budget, because many people want to buy nice things for their friends and families.

“It’s challenging for me to save money for holidays and for when I know I have things to buy and payments to make,” said Luppino, “it’s very hard because I try to buy everyone a gift, but I can’t because I run out of money so quickly due to other items that need to be bought as well.”

Junior Marissa Filetti keeps an eye on her finances while each paycheck rolls in.

“When I’m trying to save I’ll usually set a goal of how much I want to put away out of every paycheck, so I’ll transfer the money to my savings account as soon as I get paid before I have time to spend it,” Filetti said.

Trying to save money, especially in college can feel impossible due to the many activities that students want to be a part of while financial responsibilities may prevent them from doing so.

“I think the biggest tip to give to others and including myself is to not spend money when you do not have too,” said Luppino. “It’s hard to say no to doing fun activities, but if you have other responsibilities then that is what you need to save your money for.”

Some students have developed certain skills and tactics that makes saving money a little less challenging.

Filetti uses her mobile banking app to keep track of her finances.

“I would definitely recommend students to do the same if their bank offers an app,” Filetti said.

Although saving money to make sure your expenses are paid is important, it is also important to give yourself a certain amount of money to spend.

“Budgeting and spending money on necessities before luxuries is important, however, the most valuable tip I can give about saving money is to not make it your only goal,” Pham said. “The night out and long cruises with your better half or buying yourself something you have wanted seems worth it.”