May 1, 2020: Special Edition Issue

Design by Maria Montero Silva

What happened in the Spring of 2020?

Maria Montero Silva, Editor-in-Chief

Since the Utica College campus closed to the public in March, the Tangerine has been publishing stories online. This time, the staff has come together to create a special edition issue that focuses on what happened during the Spring 2020 semester when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world — and Utica College.

From news articles, alumni tributes, profiles of essential workers and opinion pieces, readers will find different voices. The goal is to explain and describe with as much detail as possible the many ways in which COVID-19 has impacted the lives that make up the UC community. Ultimately, this document will become a historical record of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic that defined the first months of 2020.

Special Edition Tangerine -… by Maria Montero Silva on Scribd

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