UC Students Share Their Experiences About Movies, TV, Shows and Music

unior Mercedes Steele listens to music on her laptop while doing work for her classes. Photo by Emmalyn Ylaya.

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

When students do not find anything to do, there are many ways that they entertain themselves with movies, music and TV shows. The ways in which UC students consume media are very different, either laptops, tablets or phones. 

Junior Mercedes Steele said she listens to many types of music, except for country. 

She also stated that she likes to watch a variety of movies and television shows including “Criminal Minds”, cartoons, true crime and horror.

Senior Bianca Nitti said she uses a television and an iPad to watch shows such as crime series, specifically  “Criminal Minds” and “Blue Bloods,’” according to Nitti.

She also stated that she relies on her phone to listen to hip hop music.

Senior Daniela Hannah said she has a lot of ways she entertains herself with movies, television shows, and music.

“The things I like to watch are anything from silent films, to current ones, to cult classics,” Hannah said. “One of my favorite TV shows is ‘Regular Show’ from Cartoon Network and my favorite movie would have to be ‘Labyrinth.’” 

According to Hannah, ‘Frasier,’ and ‘The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance’ are the shows she is currently watching on Netflix.

Working as radio station manager at WPNR, Hannah said she uses different types of music while working, except country. 

Junior Elizabeth Bennett stated that she watches a lot of comedy and horror films and on bad days, she said her go-to movie ‘Hot Fuzz.’

Bennet also said her music taste is very diverse.

“I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, though at the moment it’s Industrial, Punk, Metal, Nightcore and when I’m studying “The Adventure Zone” Soundtrack,” Bennett said.

Junior Matthew Baron said he prefers to watch sci-fi movies and whatever his friends are into. 

“When it comes to music for me, country is probably the genre I listen to most often.”

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