Month: February 2016

UC students explore Study Abroad Options

Jacqui White, Staff Writer

Utica College has plenty of choices for students who want to study abroad. There are 100 locations for the students to choose from within 50 different countries. According to the UC website for studying abroad, students can choose to study abroad during the fall or spring semester. Students can also enroll in courses that fulfill core, major, minor, or elective credits. While studying abroad, students will be registered for 12 credits. When they return, their record will be updated to record the specific courses and credits they received while they were abroad.

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Students and cellphones

Amanda Fanelli, staff writer 

Cellphones among college students today tend to be a common sight. Walking through the halls or before class starts, it seems everywhere we look we are always on our cellphones. Talking on the phone, emailing, texting, and using social media are the most common things students use their cellphones for.

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A Lot to Look At

Tionna De Freitas, Staff Writer

Ask most Utica College students and professors about driving and parking on campus and they will most likely have a horror story to tell. People would drive around, frantically trying to find a parking spot and once the winter hits and all the snow madness strikes, and it becomes an even bigger problem.

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Club profile: UCEMS

Marissa Filletti, staff writer 

Back in the fall of 2014, UC sophomore and certified EMT Anthony Scalise was at Convocation when a student had a medical emergency and collapsed. After helping to keep the student stable until the ambulance arrived, Scalise realized that although campus safety was there, he was the only person with the medical training to safely and effectively care for the student at the time.

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THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION: UC hosts ‘super smart classroom’ at Clark City Center

Matt Rogers, Co-Editor-in-Chief

About 15 students attended a Business 611 class on a recent Wednesday afternoon, a core requirement in Utica College’s new M.B.A. program. But those were just the students that were there in person. Others, from as far away as South Carolina or Florida were also present, but just not in the way most people would think of.

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