Broaden your horizon


Mary Warfel, Staff Writer

Studying abroad provides students with the opportunity to become worldlier. Students have a chance to study abroad in programs that are in 21 different countries. Studying abroad helps students grow personally as well as professionally and has widened their perspectives on the world and different cultures.

This program is not just available for the wanderlust-struck students; anyone has the opportunity to apply for studying abroad in the fall and spring semesters. According to the International Coordinator Lisa Tehan, deadlines are quickly approaching for studying abroad in the spring semester.

“The application deadline to study abroad during the upcoming spring semester is October 15th and for the following fall semester is March 15. These dates may be flexible depending on the location and program the student is applying to,” Tehan said.

Each semester UC averages about six to ten applications for students planning on studying abroad.

The benefits that students receive by studying abroad are based on the individual, some have experienced personal growth and a more diverse perspective on the world.

“I have personally witnessed in some of our students who have gone abroad attain benefits including confidence, personal growth, and a widened perspective that will serve them well both personally and professionally,” said Tehan.

Many students have enjoyed their time abroad and have memories that have made a lasting impact on their lives.

Senior John Toribio studied in Madrid, Spain and enjoyed his experience immensely. Choosing a country to study in can be difficult, but Toribio wanted to choose a country that he spoke the language of and was affordable for everyday life.

This opportunity has provided him with many benefits, such as viewing the world differently and learning how to be more accepting of others.

“I learned to give everyone from all walks of life a chance, it has broadened my knowledge on different cultures and countries,” Toribio said.

Sophomore Nick Williams, who is currently studying abroad in Japan, has already reaped the benefits of studying in a different country.

Williams wanted to go to a country with a unique language, and interesting history, as well as places to visit.

“I wanted to learn an interesting language. I have friends in Japan and Japan’s history is very interesting, so there would be many places to visit,” said Williams.

A day in the life is different depending on where the student’s study, but Williams and Toribio said that they had class’s daily and lived in a dorm with roommates.

“I had class every day except Friday. I went to class and usually got together with friends and hung out around Madrid,” Toribio said, “I didn’t have a family, but I had roommates who kind of became my family.”

All students have the opportunity to apply to study abroad and it’s a great experience that allows you to explore different worlds outside of Utica.

Today there are many ways that are available for students to study abroad; there are so many options, if given the chance students should jump at the opportunity to explore more, and take advantage of the opportunities Utica College has to offer.