Netflix vs. Hulu

Jacqui White, Staff Writer

Netflix and Hulu play important roles for college students. If the student is at school without a TV, they can use Hulu to watch the episodes they missed the previous week. With Netflix, the student can watch episodes of past seasons or movies. The main difference between Hulu and Netflix, according to, is that Netflix has more options, but Hulu lets you stream recent shows quicker.

UC student Ulysses Sepulveda, has both Hulu and Netflix. “Netflix is easier most of the time, because it has way more stuff, and there’s no commercials,” Sepulveda said

Sepulveda also likes Hulu because he can watch episodes that he missed from the previous week before the new episode comes out.

“On Netflix, I watch Narcos, which isn’t on Hulu. Netflix has a lot of cool shows that are exclusively on Netflix, so I would miss out on seeing them if I primarily watched Hulu,” Sepulveda said.

If he’s not watching Narcos on Netflix, Sepulveda likes to watch American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and The 100 on cable. “That’s what I like about Hulu. I have some night classes so I might end up missing the shows I wanted to watch. With Hulu, I just need to wait until the next day to watch them.”

UC sophomore Shantia Hunt only used Netflix. “I watch a bunch of shows that are either on their fifth season on TV, which means I can watch old seasons on Netflix, or binge watch shows that are done that I missed out on,” Hunt said.

Like Sepulveda, Hunt watches shows that are only on Netflix, like Stranger Things. “I didn’t realize that everyone had already watched the show, so I had to watch the whole season quickly so no one would spoil the season ending for me,” Hunt said. “It kind of sucks that when I miss the season on TV, I have to wait almost a full year for it to get on Netflix, but that means I can watch a lot of episodes during the week before the new season starts again on TV.”

If Hunt isn’t watching Netflix, she said that she likes to watch Ink Master and Bob’s Burgers on cable. UC Health Studies Major Carly Tebolt, has neither Hulu nor Netflix. She uses Putlocker, which is basically the free version of Hulu. The streaming website isn’t illegal since Tebolt does no downloading of the shows she watches.

As of right now, Tebolt is just watching Leverage on Putlocker. “I finished NCIS: LA and I’m all caught up on The 100 for when the new season comes out on TV,” Tebolt explained.