UC Students to Experience the “Suite” Life

Marissa Filletti, Staff Writer

Utica College recently announced a new housing option for upperclassmen students at The Ramada Inn in New Hartford, N.Y.

The Ramada, which will be considered “on-campus” living off campus, will cost students $2,422 per semester plus a meal plan.

On campus room rates are relatively similar for the 2016-2017 year. For example, Alumni Hall, a popular choice for upperclassmen, is $2,536 per semester, while both Boehlert and Tower Hall doubles goes for $2,659 per semester.

In order for students to qualify to live here, students must be going into either their junior or senior year to be considered for this housing option. Secondly, students must have their own source of transportation to and from campus.

Derek Pooley, the assistant director of residence life, said that there has been a lot of buzz on campus about this exciting new option.

“I truly think is a great opportunity for our students that are going to be graduating soon,” Pooley said. “It will give students the freedom of the off campus feel, while still having the security of being managed by the campus.”

Abby Schaible is going into her senior year here at UC and is excited to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

“I decided I wanted to go with The Ramada for housing,” Schaible said. “It’s a really cool idea for upperclassmen living off campus.”

Pooley adds that when the administration started looking into different housing options, one of the main things that attracted them to the Ramada was that they would have the ability to offer students amenities like never before.

In addition to students having a more independent lifestyle, some perks of living at The Ramada include a bar, full use of the Inn’s pool, large bedrooms with control of air conditioning and heat, a microwave and fridge and the option of a 40 inch TV with gaming system capabilities. This is also a priority housing option, which means students do not have to go through the housing process.

“We expect students to go out into the community without giving them the opportunity to safely learn how to live off campus,” Pooley said. With the Ramada as an option, we will give students the chance to experience a commute, develop time management skills, and continue being involved on campus, among many other learning experiences that living off campus will provide.”

Frank Percacciante, an academic coaching expert in the office of student success, agrees.

“When students get their first job, chances are they aren’t going to be able roll out of bed five minutes before they have to clock in and walk to the office,” Percacciante said. “This is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of the real world, live independently and learn how to manage their time effectively.”

Students who are interested in this unique living option and would like more information are urged to contact Derek Pooley at [email protected].