Fuerza Latina to host Spooktakular

Kimberly Haller

Staff Writer

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to take their children trick-or-treating and not knowing whether they are safe going door-to-door. Our campus can bring a little sense of comfort to local parents because Fuerza Latina is holding an event where they welcome children to trick-or- treat in the library concourse.

The main idea of the Spooktakular event is to interact with our community and to make our campus feel like their home as well. Daisy Cabral, a participant in this event, stated, “It is also a chance for every organization on campus to get together and do something fun for the youth in our community.” “We know how dangerous it could be in the Utica area, so why not bring the fun and candy to campus?”

Another participant, Melanie Santos, is looking forward to holding this type of event for our community.

“The whole purpose of this event is for young kids to be able to have a safe environment while trick-or-treating,” Santos said. “Tables would be set up for organizations who would like to participate. Each organization is going to have the chance to decorate their own table and give out candy to the children of the

Local resident Jacqueline

Steck has a family with two young girls and was able to give her input on her thoughts of her children going door-to- door.

“My girls love the independence of going trick- or-treating with me watching from a close distance,” Steck stated. “It’s my biggest fear of someone with a costume mask on doing something to harm my children.” “The fact that Utica College is hosting an event like this is great because I know my children will be safe, and I won’t have to worry about something horrible happening.”

Cabral and Santos have worked in the past with a youth center, known as “Ritmo Caribeno.”

“They have helped with supporting our event and introducing the campus to their family and friends,” Santos said.

Spooktakular will be able to provide children with candy, face painting, games and prizes, and giving guests the feeling of Halloween spirit. This is de nitely an exciting event because it will also give the parents an idea of what our campus is actually like, and it will bring our community closer. It will be held on Oct. 31 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the library concourse. For more information, please contact student activities located in White Hall.