Career Services introduces UC Career Connect

Rashida Patrick


On Dec. 1 students of the Utica College community received a blast email from the Office of Career Service. The email included information about its new student career management system, UC Career Connect.

UC Career Connect will be replacing UC’s previous online job and internship database College Central Network according to the Office of Career Services. Director of Career Services, Halina Lotyczewski said the new system would be more developed than College Central Network, which was just an online job and internship database. According to Lotyczewski in addition to online jobs and internship postings, UC Career Connect will also be a mobile application that students will be able to access and download through the Apple store and Goggle play for free. Through the mobile application students will be able to not only access the system, but also their profile that will now be easily accessible. Lotyczewski said the mobile application would make everything a little bit easier for both alumni and current students. “So seldom do people just sit down in front of a desktop computer and complete all their work,” Lotyczewski said. “So we want it to be as accessible as possible by both students and alumni to get onto our system.” College Central Network, powered UC’s previous job and internship posting database, but what is unique about UC Career Connect is the opportunity UC has to brand it themselves. “Now we are switching to an organization called purple briefcase but we are going to be branding it here on campus, as UC Career Connect,” Lotyczewski said. The Office of Career Services was motivated to make the switch to a different system because they are always interested in finding ways to make things better Lotyczewski said, “Our previous vendor did a really good job of posting jobs and internships, but as an office we are trying to do so much more than that. “ This system will also allow the office itself to manage their career counseling appointments more easily. According to Lotyczewski UC Career Connect will give them the opportunity to enter notes about the students into the new system and even employers that they meet. Lotyczewski believes Purple Briefcase will fit the needs and growth projections of the college so much better. The official transition date from College Central Network to UC Career Connect powered by Purple Briefcase was Tuesday Dec. 1. In the email sent out to students earlier this week, students were prompted on how to create their account through the new system. Through the application, students who create a profile will be able to manage all of the pervious work history, academic and extracurricular information, as well as allowing employers’ access to resumes much easier. Lotyczewski said setting up an account through UC Career Connect would be more convenient for its users. “The students will already be preloaded into the system,” Lotyczewski said. “So when you for an example log on into your account, all you have to do is find yourself with the account. With our old system students would have to set up a new profile.” During the spring semester, the Office of Career Services will host an official launch party for UC Career Connect. So far, many students here at UC are not aware of the new transition that will take place but freshman Brittany Arensman, who majors in Psychology believes that once more students become aware it would definitely be a success. “It’s efficient with an app, “ Arensman said. “As a junior and senior you want something easy so you can continue to graduate on time and get the job and internship you want.” Hermina Garic, a freshman majoring in Government and Politics agrees with Arensman. According to Garic she would definitely be interested in something like this once she becomes an upper-classmen because an app is so simple to use.